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Papaya by Reina

Strain: Papaya

Producer: Reina

Contributor: Asia Mayfield

Papaya By Reina Planet13
Papaya Packaging and PreRoll
Papaya By Reina


Like a pile of wet, muddy earth 50%
Fresh plants 50%
Fruity flavor 50%
My muscles melted 50%


Ad description 0%
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2548 W Desert Inn Rd,
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone number: (702) 815-1313
Hours: 12 a.m.- 12 a.m. Daily  

People call Planet 13 the Disneyland of weed. Coming from a family that holds annual passes to mouse land, I feel qualified to judge the comparison. There are no rides here but driving up to Planet 13 induces the same dizzying glee that a little kid feels when he sees the giant mouse ears and magic castle. A light show worthy of a Las Vegas nightclub dances on one of the dispensary walls. A striking red orb spins in front of the doors.

There’s usually a security guard or two directing traffic. A never-ending stream of taxis and rideshare cars are constantly pouring into the lot. Over 3,200 people a day visited Planet 13 in April. The crush of people seems overwhelming while you struggle to find a place to park. However, the dispensary’s efficient management and sheer size make the crowd easy to navigate. Unlike the real Disneyland, long lines are rare here.

When a customer is scanned into the system, they receive a small ticket. The customer uses this to buzz themselves into the main dispensary. There are automatic turnstiles blocking the way.

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Planet 13 isn’t your local mom and pop spot. The dispensary floor is huge and opulent. A smiling, eager employee greets each person with a question, “Have you been here before?”
If a customer hasn’t, they’ll explain the process. The setup encourages browsing. All their wares are on display in glass cases. Sometimes, THC content and prices are listed; other times, they’re not.

The entire menu is online. If a smoker knows what they want, they can head over to the express checkout lane and an employee will grab the purchase.

If a stoner has no clue what they want, they’re in luck. Planet 13 was designed for the unsure. There are multiple options. Enter your phone number into one of the many iPads lying around and you’ll receive a text when a budtender is ready to help, or, you can wait in their standard line. It’s much slower because the budtenders are expected to give a sales pitch to every customer.

Papaya by Reina is one of Planet 13’s top strains. Users can buy a pre-roll or flower buds. I stuck with the pre-roll because I can’t find my grinder. 

Appearance 5/5
The weed is shockingly dark. Ground up, it looks like a pile of wet, muddy earth. There are no traces of orange or brown here. Just dark, rich green and a stormy purple.

Aroma 5/5
The buds smell a bit like the Bath & Bodyworks lotion I used to buy as a kid. Imagine heavily perfumed lotion mixed with fresh plants. The aroma announces itself the moment the pre-roll is freed from the bag.

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Taste 5/5
Papaya is a cross between Cintral No. 13 and Ice No. 2. The fruity flavor hits the tongue first. It lingers for a moment before fading into a faint sugary aftertaste. I’ve never tried real papayas, so I wouldn’t know if the strain’s flavor matches its name.

Effect 5/5  
Papaya tests at 22% THC. I’ve smoked weed that growers claimed was 32% THC, that hit me less. The high crept on slowly. My muscles melted into goo while my thoughts drifted. I could tell that Papaya is an indica strain.

Medical patients seeking pain relief or trying to stimulate their hunger should sample Papaya. The effects are perfectly suited to help those patients. If smoking isn’t an option, the flowers’ sweet taste mean Papaya would make delicious edibles.

Users who don’t care about the medicinal benefits and just want to relax, should smoke a puff of Papaya on their lazy days. The indica effect left me tongue-tied and borderline anti-social. I would have been that weird girl sitting in a corner not saying anything if I’d been at a party.

Papaya by Reina is a doozy. The high starts deep in the bones and slowly lifts the mind. Users craving a sleepy high with relaxing mental benefits have found their strain. Papaya doesn’t smoke like a pure indica. Right as the body and muscles are about to sink into the couch, energizing jolts course through the brain.

Planet 13 has a wide – selection of product available for both experienced smokers and beginners looking to break into the world of recreational and medicinal marijuana. Papaya by Reina is an excellent first choice from this location.

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