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Stardust OG 1g Preroll

Strain: Stardust OG 1g Preroll

Producer: Cannabiotix

Contributor: Akil The Real Deal with Zeal and Mass Appeal

Stardust OG 1g Preroll
Stardust OG 1g Preroll by Cannabiotix


Preroll is wrapped in a brown paper which I believe to be hemp 100%
Herbal earthy tones 100%
Limonene adds fruit flavor without sourness to the honeyed herbal base. 100%
My creativity has increased and I felt my focus tighten 100%


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Cannabiotix - Stardust OG 1g Preroll - Indica

THC:   22.34%
CBD:   00.04%
CBN:   00.02%

Terpene Profile
Limonene:             5.03mg/g
𝛃-Caryophyllene:   4.52mg/g
𝛃-Myrcene:            2.48mg/g

It was an easy choice for me when I saw “Stardust OG” on the NuWu online menu because OG is one of my favorite lineages of cannabis. Yet, when I began to research the lineage of Stardust OG I found that Lowryder is the only parent strain cited for Stardust OG on both and Stardust OG’s other parent strain is unknown, and the Cannabiotix website yielded no information regarding its strains either.

For most Indica strains, 𝛃-Myrcene is the most abundant terpene so I’m a bit surprised to observe such a large portion of Limonene when compared to other terpenes in an Indica strain because of Limonene’s uplifting properties. I consider any THC content over 20% to be on the high end for flower products and I’m glad to notice more than 0.0% of CBD and CBN in my Stardust OG 1g preroll from Cannabiotix.

Appearance 5/5
Cannabiotix caters to its users starting with the package which indicates the strain name and type along with a sticker listing cannabinoid, terpene, and other relevant lab test results. The cap is childproof and the tube clearly indicates that the product is for adult use only. I appreciate the image of Stardust OG flower on the capsule as well. Yet, its what’s inside that is the true prize! The beautiful preroll is wrapped in a brown paper which I believe to be hemp. Plus, it appears as if the preroll was hand rolled because of the end of the joint is folded. The Cannabiotix logo is stamped on the filter of the preroll. I’ve seen spirals and sponges but this preroll used a piece of paper folded like an accordion to increase the airflow of the filter with allowing cannabis debris into one’s mouth. The ash from the joint is white and indicates wholesome grow methods. The flower is covered in trichome dust and seems to glow a bright mossy green. I’m glad and not surprised not to find a seed or stem.

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Aroma 5/5
I pop the lid and sniff inside to get my first impression of Stardust OG’s scent and discover a funky yet sweet perfume that keeps me coming back for more sniffs. Eventually, I’m moved to withdraw the preroll from its package and slide the preroll on the region of my face that is below my nostrils and above my upper lip like a weirdo. Now sweet candied tones overwhelm my nose and blend evenly with a skunky funk. Earthy tones are also present in the aroma but much milder than the other scents. After the preroll starts to burn the herbal earthy tones become more prominent.

Taste 5/5
The smoke feels very light and clean as I puff on the joint. I enjoy every single element of flavor in the smoke. It’s easy to smoke this joint because the vapor is not harsh and the flavors are not overbearing. Even if the flavors were bolder, I would not mind because Stardust OG exhibits a variety of candied notes. The limonene adds fruit flavor without sourness to the honeyed herbal base. The fruit taste is further diversified by myrcene’s musky mango elements as I exhale. A sharp taste of bitter mint hits at the crescendo of the Stardust OG flavor roller coaster ride. When I’m done smoking Stardust OG my tongue is left with the taste of spearmint.

Effect 5/5
The high from Stardust OG is just as smooth as the smoke session. This strain is categorized as an Indica but the initial effects were cerebral for me. My creativity has increased and I felt my focus tighten. At the same time the matters that previously stressed me seemed trivial. Thank goodness! The mental stimulation from Stardust OG does not fade after the smoke session. But I do feel the pain and tension in my lower back and shoulders dissipate. In most of my experiences with Indica strains I don’t feel inclined to exercise. But after chiefing on some Stardust OG I felt like dancing or taking a stroll around Downtown Las Vegas.

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Stardust OG is the ideal strain for freeing your mind and stargazing while simultaneous grinding your physical ailments to dust. The high is so smooth and chill that I believe beginners may be able to safely enjoy this strain with discretion. However, cannabis connoisseurs will relish the unique flavors and balanced high from this Cannabis Indica Strain.  Medical patients may use Stardust OG to relieve depression, stress, or pain.

I chose this Stardust OG 1g Preroll for two reasons. First, I know and trust Cannabiotix to provide rich flavors and bold terpenes with fresh flower. Second, the OG lineage is my favorite in cannabis. While I found it difficult to track the lineage of Stardust OG beyond Lowryder, I did feel the classic mental and physical stimulation for which OG Kush is renown! When one visits Las Vegas I highly recommend sampling one of Cannabiotix products and checking out NuWu’s Drive Thru and Tasting Lounge!

1235 Paiute Circle,
Las Vegas, NV 89106
Phone number: (702) 844 - 2707
Hours: 10AM - 10AM, Drive - Thru Open 24/7

During my last review and premier tour of NuWu Cannabis Marketplace I declared that the only way I would to revisit NuWu Dispensary would be if I ordered at the exclusive 24/7 drive-thru window. My first visit to NuWu Dispensary lacked the hospitality and service I expected. Representatives did not approach me but I was treated as if I should be informed on the order of service. Still, the natural lighting of the expansive building and diverse selection of cannabis products provided me with an interesting experience. When NuWu announced the opening of its Tasting Room to celebrate its two-year anniversary, I had a change of heart and decided to enter NuWu Cannabis Marketplace once more.

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The stature of the receptionist led me to believe that he was security despite the uniformed security guard standing next to him. After I was promptly checked in with my driver’s license, I strolled past the gift shop, apparel racks, and display cases to view the Tasting Room. After asking Tisha about the details for the Tasting Room she provided me with a brief tour of the section which included: lush seating, cannabis infused beverages, desserts, and custom 420 decor. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy any vendor samples because my visit was the day before the grand opening and NuWu two-year anniversary.

It’s only wisdom if it’s applied and I learned my lesson from my earlier journey to NuWu and decided on my desired cannabis products before I engaged with a budtender. I viewed the NuWu website and decided to try Cannabiotix Stardust OG 1g Preroll. Ashley was my cannabis consultant and directed me to the vaporizer cartridge display where I also picked up a personal purchase. I was surprised that Ashley normally doesn’t budtend and instead works in other roles at NuWu. She was hospitable and knowledgeable of available product.

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