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Sunny D

Strain: Sunny D

Producer: Verano

Contributor: Sierra Roberts

Blackjack Collective - Sunny D Strain – Verano - Sativa
Blackjack Collective - Sunny D Strain – Verano - Sativa
Blackjack Collective - Sunny D Strain – Verano - Sativa


Nug are a bright, plentiful mix 50%
Sweet lemons to Zingy limes 50%
Citrus flavors 50%
Energized 50%


Ad description 0%
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1736 S. Las Vegas Blvd,
89104, Nevada
Phone number: (702) 727-3187

It was time to find a dispensary I had never been to before and while researching, I happened upon Blackjack Collective. It piqued my interest as it did not sound like the name of a dispensary to me. So, I decided to go down there with a friend and check it out.

We had a little trouble finding the place. They are at a new location and are working on getting up new signage. The building has an interesting design and there was plenty of space to park. We were greeted by security as they opened the door and let us inside. The women behind the counter greeted us and one signed me up for the loyalty program. The wait to pick out product took a bit long, roughly 10 minutes, but it was also the busiest time of day.

Once inside I immediately noticed the design on the floor. I had never seen any floor look like this let alone a floor in a dispensary. It had a deep blue tone and spots that made it look like a pool with the sun shining down on it. The shop is nice and cool, and the lighting is perfect. Like most dispensaries, they have large glass display counters which hold their product. There seem to be many check-out registers inside but only two or so employees working, so this may be a location that is hiring.

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The budtender was able to help me out and mentioned the locals discount for 15% through Friday. Since it was our first time, the budtender mentioned that we get a free penny pre-roll if we spent over $30. I could not say no to that.

Appearance: 5/5
Sunny D has a nice fluff to it when pulling the bud out of the jar. The colors throughout the nug are a bright, plentiful mix. A combination of dark forest, some brighter lime and pastel greens sprinkle the outer layer. The pistils are of medium length and has a nice, bright orange color that contrasts well with the rest of the nug. Trichomes are generously sprinkled along these buds.

Aroma: 5/5
This bud hits the perfect mark for me based on my own personal preference. Immediately upon opening the jar, you get blasted with a citrus heaven of smells. Ranging from sweet lemons to zingy limes, all my favorite smells are contained in this bud making its way throughout indefinitely. This bud reminds me of some of my favorites like, Tangie, or, L’ Orange.

Taste: 5/5
Sunny D seems to be hitting it out of the park in all categories. Along with scent, the taste pairs perfectly once taking a hit. Citrus flavors coat your throat pleasantly and if you’re like me, you went back in for that second hit immediately. The orange flavor seems to come through the strongest, which is where the name Sunny D comes from, I assume. This is a very pleasing, tasty sativa.

Effect: 5/5
This is one of the few strains that I have rated a full 5 out of 5 in every category. The effect is just as stellar like any good sativa, it energized and got me moving for the day. This strain helped me get my butt out of the house and work out for once. I was able to also take care of some housework and errands that I may have just put off otherwise. This strain kept me going for a couple of hours. I highly recommend Sunny D to anyone who likes sativa strains and favors orange flavors and scents.

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All in all, Blackjack Collective went above my expectations while visiting and purchasing from their shop. The waiting room was decorated in a pleasing manner with a menu for people to view in the lobby and friendly staff behind the window. The shop itself has a unique look, with floors that resemble a pool underneath a shining sun.

They had great choices of products and fantastic locals deals and a rewards program that is worth checking out. Sunny D is an amazing sativa strain. I was happy to come across it as it will now be written forever into my top strains. The uplifting energy and zingy orange citrus flavor can’t be beat. This will keep me on the lookout for something similar in the future.

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