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White Tahoe Cookies

Strain: White Tahoe Cookies

Producer: NevadaPURE LLC Cultivation

Contributor: Jeremy Johnson

NevadaPURE LLC Cultivation White Tahoe Cookies Review November 2019 The Dispensary
NevadaPURE LLC Cultivation White Tahoe Cookies Review November 2019 The Dispensary
NevadaPURE LLC Cultivation White Tahoe Cookies Review November 2019 The Dispensary


Very good size 100%
Very spicy aroma 100%
Spicy with a hint of sweetness 100%
Relaxed Feeling 100%
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White Tahoe Cookies

Appearance 5/5
White Tahoe Cookies looks almost identical to Girl Scout Cookies. However, there are differences. White Tahoe Cookies buds have a heavy layer of white trichomes all over them. Each bud has a small amount of purple peppered throughout it. The buds are all a very good size, and they are all extremely dense, like small green boulders. After looking at each bud, I can see where White Tahoe Cookies gets its name because all the buds are ghostly white.

Aroma 5/5
White Tahoe Cookies is a very fragrant strain that has a very spicy aroma. The scent is similar to fresh cracked black pepper. It has a nut-like aroma with back pepper and coffee hints. The spicey, cracked pepper aroma almost tickles the nose. Tahoe Cookies smells like Girl Scout Cookies, but more pungent earthy OG mixed in. The coffee hints mixed with the earthy OG scents really compliment each other nicely.

Taste 5/5
The White Tahoe Cookies smoke has a very pleasant peppery, taste. The smoke is very thick and expands in the user's lungs. This strain has an amazingly rich flavor, it's spicy with a hint of sweetness. The crisp flavor is refreshing and not overpowering. On the exhale, I taste hints of caramel and coffee. NevadaPURE did an amazing job on the production of the White Tahoe Cookies.

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Effect 5/5
I really like the effect of this strain. I'm relaxed but not drowsy. I could be in a social environment or working on a creative project and feel confident. My body is pain-free, and my mind is racing a bit, but it's not too much. I can stop my raving thoughts if I focus on it. There is a bit of couch lock with the White Tahoe Cookie, but it's not overpowering. If I make myself get up, I can get past it. This strain is a creeper. I was almost done with an entire joint before I started noticing the heavy feeling on my eyes.

White Tahoe Cookies is a strain that I would recommend for someone looking for pain relief and just an overall pick up an attitude. If you are a cannabis user that is feeling a bit depressed and would like a bit of an emotional boost, then I would suggest trying the White Tahoe cookies. The strain would also be great for a social setting, like enjoying a smoke session with a few close friends. I suggest trying this strain before a movie because the slight couch lock will help you sink into the seat and focus on the storyline.

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