A guide to smoking dabs

smoking dabs

Contributor: D. Thomas

Falling somewhere between smoking a bong and vaporizing, employing a dab rig may be a relatively easy and smooth way of dabbing during a cannabis concentrate. Typically, if you recognize somebody who features a rig for dabs, inviting them to speak about it means you are likely to have your ear crammed with an avalanche of what seems like technobabble, leaving you more confused than you were at the beginning.

The good news is that dabbing does not require a master’s degree in weed wizardry – It does require both the proper equipment and a touch technique, but that takes some money to blow and a touch of practice. 

Suppose you have heard about dabbing before but have not been ready to make your way through the mountain of details online from Homegrown Cannabis Co. In that case, this is often the article you would like. Keep reading below for our beginner’s guide on the way to get your dab on!

What Do I Smoke Dabs With?

As mentioned above, “dabs” (do not call it a “d.a.b.s”, it is not an acronym) may be a cross between smoking and vaporizing, though much closer to the latter than the previous. Visit https://homegrowncannabisco.com/autoflower-seeds-usa to learn more about other cannabis products When “dabbing”, you employ a unique bong-like object referred to as a “dab rig,”; these are so almost like regular water pipes that a newcomer might mistake the two at first glance. There are some key differences worth going over, though, so let us rehearse each bit step by step.

Mouthpiece, Neck & Water Chamber:

Like any pipe-like device, these may look different from piece to piece but ultimately serve an equivalent purpose. Water goes into the chamber, mouthpiece goes on top, lungs inhale, smoke or vapour builds up within the enclosure to be cleared if you have smoked a bong before you are conversant in this a part of the setup.


Now things start to urge a touch different. A method you will tell if you are watching a bong or a dab rig is the angle of the downstem. The downstem goes straight into the water chamber for many bongs and water pipes, usually at something around a forty-five-degree bend. On a dabbing line, though, the downstem will likely have a sharp, right angle, going straight down. 

Then making a 90-degree address enter the water chamber; a simple dab rig will have a bit bulging area at this joint where leftover melted concentrates can gather to be used again. As for the bowl, that is where things change entirely.

Nails, Domes & Bangers:

Unlike the bowl on a bong, designed to carry dried material, the highest of the downstem will instead have one among two things: a “nail” or a “banger”.

Nails & Domes

Nails are often shaped very similar to what you would expect; long and somewhat sort of a spike, with a flat, broad head on one end. Slightly more bowl-shaped objects can also be utilized in dab rigs and are often mentioned as nails, despite the shortage of visual similarity. If the nail may be a traditional nail-shaped object, it may or might not have a “dome” to cover it. The dome helps ensure that the vapour made by applying concentrate to the nail does not escape the encompassing air.


Bangers will usually look more just like the traditional herb bowl one is employed to, though it works much as an equivalent as a nail. The banger is heated to heat before placing concentrate inside to be vaporized. Compared to a nail, a banger is usually considered easier to use and less wasteful but is often pricier counting on its material.

Whether employing a nail or a banger, this section of the pipe is heated directly. Typically using a butane torch (though electrically heated models exist), a concentrate is delayed to the nail or placed inside the banger. It turns into vapour on (or near) contact after reaching the proper temperature. For this, you will need the utilization of a dabbing tool, which we discuss below.

Dab Tool:

This is not an attached part of the rig. However, it is a critical component (mainly if you use oil over wax), so we are listing it here. Once your nail or banger has been heated to the proper temperature, you will want to use your concentrate to it – Enter the dab tool, which may even be made out of a spread of materials. 

However, glass, quartz, and metal are the foremost common. These typically look somewhat sort of a writing stylus. Their main job is to require a tiny amount of your chosen concentrate and either place it on or hold it very almost the warmth of the nail. The heat coming off the element will be enough to show the focus into vapour, which you will then “smoke”—and speaking of concentrate.

Side notes

When it involves bangers & nails, every material has its pros and cons. Quartz is reasonable and holds heat but is heavy and takes time to mention to temp. Ceramics are light and warm quickly but lose that heat rapidly and may be very fragile. Titanium is durable but can discolour with use, and a few claim it can give concentrates an “off” flavour. Our advice is to undertake different types and see what you favour.

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