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Animal Crackers 1g Hemp Blunt

Strain: Animal Crackers 1g Hemp Blunt - Indica-Dominant Hybrid 

Producer: Hunter & Leaf

Contributor: Akil Evans

Planet 13 Animal Crackers Hunter and Leaf
Animal Crackers 1g Hemp Blunt
Animal Crackers Hemp Blunt
1g Hemp Blunt Animal Crackers
Hunter and Leaf Animal Crackers


Animal Crackers is encased in a classy tube with a cork 80%
Overpowers the Animal Crackers flower aroma 80%
The smoke puts a fresh pine flavor 100%
Stimulating physically and arouses my tender extremities 100%
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Hunter & Leaf - Animal Crackers - 1g Hemp Blunt - Indica-Dominant Hybrid
Product price: $22.00
THC: 31.70%
CBD: 00.00%
CBN: 00.00%
CBG-a: 02.36%
CBG: 00.13%

Terpene Profile
𝛃-Caryophyllene: 4.92mg/g
𝞪-Humulene: 2.58mg/g
𝞪-Pinene: 2.35mg/g

Both Animal Crackers and Animal Cookies are birthed from the cross of Fire OG and GSC, formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies. BC Bud Depot, A Canadian cannabis producer, breeds Animal Crackers, and the blunt preroll is encased in organic hemp. I’m intrigued that Animal Cookies THC content averages in the high teens, yet Hunter & Leaf’s Animal Crackers Hemp Blunt boasts 31.70% THC! I expected to see myrcene, a sedating terpene, on the terpene profile because of Animal Crackers’ indica-dominant categorization.

Appearance 4/5
The one-gram Hemp Blunt of Animal Crackers is encased in a classy tube with a cork. The blunt is tucked neatly, and an ‘S’ is utilized for the filter to allow proper airflow.
I cannot determine if the blunt was crafted by human hands or robotic digits. Still, care was taken to ensure no rips in the wrap or sticks or seeds in the flower.
I extract some of the ground flower to examine its quality and notice vibrant, verdant colors blended with orange and yellow. The kief is easily visible on the crisp dark sugar leaves and tiny pistils.

Aroma 4/5
I put on my bowtie to pop the cork on the Animal Crackers vial to release the stench of nostalgia. The organic hemp wrap exuded a similar sweet and smoky, earthy scent of that of blunt wraps and cigars.
The pungent hemp cigar overpowers the Animal Crackers flower aroma, but there is a faint cherry after tone present.
When I extract the flower, I can smell even more saccharine scents that remind me of brown sugar and pastries.

Taste 5/5
The hemp blunt wrap is sweet on my lips, and I believe it enhances the flavor of Animal Crackers smoke.
As I inhale on the miniature cigar, the smoke puts a fresh pine flavor on my tongue. The initial flavor is mild, and I have to concentrate to detect any flavor.
Suddenly, a burst of candied flavors dances on the buds of my tongue as I exhale the thick milky Animal Crackers fog. I taste a remarkable combination of cherries, nuts, and sugar.

Effect 5/5
Yeah mane, smoking on this Animal Crackers blunt makes me feel cooler than Yeti’s dinner of frozen spaghetti and so relaxed and confident in my own skin. I’m in chill mode, but I still have the energy to dance or exercise.
Animal Crackers is stimulating physically and arouses my tender extremities while providing mental clarity. Euphoria spreads throughout my entire body, and I have the simulation of floating on the clouds or riding on the back of a swaggin' dragon.

The impactful body effects mixed with the positive cerebral stimulation would be appreciated by seasoned cannabis connoisseurs with high tolerances. While a beginner lacking origami skills would benefit from a pre-rolled blunt, I suggest novices consume cautiously given the potency of Animal Crackers. Organic hemp wrap is a healthy option for smokers who enjoy spliffs and blunts typically made with tobacco. In my opinion, Hunter & Leaf’s Animal Hemp Blunt is a great remedy for stress, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

I will always cherish my Animal Crackers Blunt session because of the hemp wrap. This year I’ve become more health-conscious with my cannabis consumption by seeking edibles, using hemp wick, and no longer smoking blunts made with tobacco. Blazing this blunt and spewing out clouds like a dragon had me feeling like my flow is so cold that if I sneezed into the breeze, I would’ve frozen the seven seas! Planet 13’s excellent customer service and spectacular creative displays are amazing! I recommend the dispensary to locals and tourists alike, and I cannot wait to see the new developments in the building.

2548 W. Desert Inn Rd.
Phone number: (702) 815-1313
Hours: Open 24 Hours 7 Days A Week

I have become accustomed to being awoken in the morning from my slumber by my Wiz Khalifa custom alarm, the inspiring song “No Pain.” Instead, on this Friday, I departed dreamland prompted by a text message alert. Planet 13 sent me correspondence informing me of the deals it would be offering for its first anniversary. I cleverly decided to visit Planet 13 on the day after the first anniversary in order to avoid debilitating traffic. There was still a busy parking lot with social media flexers outside the red planet water fountain and interactive lotus flowers, plus a full line of over 20 guests inside. In the foyer, I noticed a convenient ATM before being greeted by Tami, who directed me into my spot in the waiting lobby before suggesting I prepare my proof of identification. I was given a free VIP ticket to gain access to the dispensary after talking with one of the four receptionists.

I was surprised to witness the partial results of Planet 13’s Phase II on this visit. The Purc Coffee Shop was open to guests. In the same way, The Rickety Cricket bistro/pizzeria and bar was serving munchies to plenty of people. My admission ticket granted me access past the barricade into the cannabis retail space. Like a professional cannabis connoisseur, I researched my desired products previous to my trip to Planet 13. Thus, I neglected to consult with a patient consultant or peruse the multitude of display cases and went to the checkout line. Six budtenders were on duty, and I waited almost ten minutes, but it did not bother me because of the audio and visual stimulation of Planet 13’s drone music show. My budtender, Kat, was extraordinary and gathered my 1g Animal Crackers Indica-Dominant Hemp Blunt. Kat also informed me that Planet 13 still has surprises to reveal in Phase II.

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