Best Cannabis Flower Producers in Las Vegas

Contributor: B. O'Neal

There are a lot of great flowers making their way around Vegas these days. There are some unbelievable strains that only five years ago would have left you shaking your head. THC levels are off the charts. Terpene profiles are packed with all kinds of flavors and aromas. There are even CBD strains like Charlotte’s Web and Acapulco Gold, that are engineered specifically for medicinal use. The science behind the cultivation has reached an unprecedented level. 

Point being, finding good cannabis is Las Vegas these days is an extremely easy task. And at this point, I wouldn’t even call it a task. You can pretty much walk into any dispensary and blindly point at the menu and the product is going to be ten times better than anything you could have purchased ten years ago. This is where we are now. We are extremely spoiled when it comes to the world of weed.

So why even make a list if we don’t need one, you might ask. Well, everyone appreciates a shortcut these days, and while you can’t go wrong with many of the producers here in Las Vegas, this specific group has stood out to us among the rest. These companies have gone above and beyond our expectations when it comes to delivering a quality product. These companies aren’t in any specific order, and just to be clear, this is in reference to flowers only.

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Nature’s Chemistry

If you live in Las Vegas, you are familiar with Nature’s Chemistry. Their black and green branding is instantly recognizable. They create very unique strains such as Air Force One, Skunkberry, Pineapple Fanta, and 702 OG, just to name a few. Their branding is brilliant considering their name, as everything is labeled with a periodic table sticker with the abbreviated strain name. The color of the sicker indicates whether that strain is a sativa (red), indica (purple), or hybrid (green). For example, Air Force One, which is a hybrid, is labeled AF1 and the sticker is green. It really is a smart way of tying everything together. Be sure to be on the lookout for this brand on your next trip to the dispensary. Nature’s Chemistry truly is science and nature working together in harmony. 


Fine cannabis products, only made in Nevada. Let that sink in, and make you proud, because that is the tagline. The quality coming from Cannavative is top-notch. The pre-rolls are perhaps the most impressive thing from this company. The pre-roll packaging is boldly labeled SATIVA or INDICA running the length in all-caps down the side of the pre-roll tubing to avoid any confusion whatsoever. The bright coloring is also a nice added friendly touch to the branding. 

Get ready to step into another dimension with their Motivator Infused Pre-Roll line. Each Motivator comes with .8g of their highest-grade flower and is infused with .2g of Honeycomb. The THC levels on these things are off the charts, with some as high as almost 60%. Yes, that is correct. No typo there. The Gorilla Glue #4 Motivator weighs in at 59.66% THC. Simply unbelievable. Motivator tends to be for the more advanced customer. Proceed with caution, and experiment sparingly.

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It is hard to visit a Las Vegas dispensary and not see FloraVega. Beginning in 2015, FloraVega is 100% locally owned and operated in Las Vegas. Their cultivation facility is 45,000 square feet, and at any given time, they grow up to 24 different strains. A few notable strains to look for are Lavender Jones, Blue Dream, and Desert Snow. One word that comes to mind when thinking of FloraVega is consistency. Seek out FloraVega today, you won’t be disappointed.


Verano Brands cultivates and sells artisanal cannabis in several states. Everything about Verano is clean. Their website, their product design, branding, everything looks sharp and minimalistic. You can tell that Verano takes great pride and craftsmanship in the purity of its products. Verano is also a creator of quality vaporizers. There is no question of what you are receiving when you buy Verano Brands. 


Fleur is big on organic cultivation and sustainability. Both their flower and pre-rolls are Clean Green Certified and grow under specific protocols. They never use any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and have a sustainable facility with minimal environmental impact. Some notable stains from Fleur include LA Confidential, Plum Crazy, and Fire Angel. Fire Angel is a CBD dominant hybrid that offers a broad array of cannabinoids and terpenes. This is an excellent medicinal strain.

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BaM stands for Body and Mind. This hip brand took us by surprise with its products and quickly made our list. Their website is very bright colored and millennial-friendly in appearance. By carefully selecting and crossbreeding elite strains, they have developed strains that give the perfect balance of body and mind. Every product is handcrafted and lab-tested to ensure it is potent and free of contaminants. Their original strains and potent pre-rolls are what originally drew us to this unique brand. Strains like White Nightmare and Key Lime Pie are just a couple that comes to mind when thinking of BaM products. If you are lucky enough to come across one of their hemp blunt pre-rolls, do not pass it up.


If there is any brand that encompasses the Vegas chic vibe, it is Reina. Las Vegas is a constantly evolving city. Lights, fashion, fine dining, and entertainment, with luxury lifestyle brands to accompany all of the aforementioned. This is where Reina finds its place. This is a luxury cannabis brand. 

What is luxury cannabis? According to Reina, it must appeal to all five senses. It should smell amazing and look amazing, and it does. The container from Reina looks like something straight out of Estée Lauder. The rose gold top looks just like a makeup or perfume container one might come across at Sephora. The packaging it comes in adds a lot of class, making it feel like a high-end product. The buds are extremely photogenic.

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Reina is also big on exclusivity. If something can be found everywhere and is easily accessible, what makes it so special? Reina harnesses this philosophy when it comes to the availability and distribution of their product. When customers see the same product over and over they become immune to its appeal. Reina doesn’t flood the dispensaries. They release small batches to a limited number of vendors. This is an interesting approach, and so far, it seems to be working.

This list has been compiled from our own personal experiences in the Las Vegas market. If you have any input on any of these brands, be sure to leave a comment below. If there is a specific brand we missed that you feel deserves to be on this list, please let us know what it is, and leave a detailed description below as to why.

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