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Boy Scout OG

Strain: Boy Scout OG

Producer: Srene-Cultivation

Contributor: Steve Kushkowski



Lime green tint 60%
Very pungeant 60%
Taste like coffee 80%
Very even high 80%
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Boy Scout OG

Boy Scout OG by Tahoe Hydro company was created by crossing two very popular strains, Girl Scout Cookie and OG Kush. Both strains are staples in the Cannabis industry. Boy Scout Cookies is a fairly new strain that is known for being and evenly split hybrid strain.

Appearance 3 of 5

Boy Scout Og by Tahoe Hydro Company has a lime green tint to it. After breaking open the preroll, I notice tiny specks of purple mixed in with the rest fothe green plant material. There are also a lot of red hairs specked throughout it. The greenish yellow color of the broken up bud reminds me of what broken up Girl Scout OG nugs look like. The purple specks contrasts the yellow green nicely.

Aroma 3 of 5

Boy Scout OG has a very pungeant aroma. I think smells similar to dry dog food but not it a bad way. The aroma is dank and permeates my entire house. it smells like Tommy Chong is sitting in my living room. The aroma is very earthy with hints of coffee and wood. This is a smell that should be bottled and sold as cannabis scent room freshener. Usually prerolls tend to loose their scent but Boy Scout OG did not.


Taste 4 of 5

The best way I can describe the flavor of Boy Scout OG, is to say it taste like coffee and roasted pecans. The flavor is very nutty. Almost like a mixture of pecans and peanuts. The rich flavor stays on my palet for a long time. The after taste is spicy but doesn't burn my throat at all. The smoke is very heavy in my lungs. It tastes more like Girl Scout Cookies than OG.

Effect 4 of 5

The high from Boy Scout OG lasted for over 3 hours. It was a very even high. It has a slight energy boost right after smoking but that dispapated fairly quickly. This is a strain that is great for getting things done or relaxing at home. The high is about 50 percent head-high 50 percent body high. This strain did make me a but more talkative than usual and it boosted my appetite.

Boy Scout OG s a great day time as well as night time strain. This is a strain that would be great for social enviroments or working on group projects. Its elevated my creative thinking and gave me a slight energy boost. Cannabis users looking for an evenly split hybrid should give Boy Scout Og by Tahoe Hydro Company a try.
I really like the quality and the price of the Boy Scout OG. I have been disappointed in the oast with prerolls but I really enjoyed this one. It burned nicely and gave me a euphoric head change that I really enjoyed. Tahoe Hydro Company did a great job and I will definetely try other products they offer.

Address: 5347 S Decatur Blvd, Suite 100,
Las Vegas, NV 89118
Phone number: 702-827-4981
Hours: Monday: 9am – Midnight
Tuesday : 9am – Midnight
Wednesday : 9am – Midnight
Thursday :9am – 1am
Friday : 9am – 1am
Saturday: 9am – 1am
Sunday: 9am – Midnight 

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The Dispensary

The Dispensary is located in a strip mall, just off Decatur and Hacienda. The store is small but dont let that fool you. Big things come in small packages. The front desk clerks are always super friendly and get me checked in super fast. The buzz in the dispensary is hypnotizing. Everyone in line is happy wait because the quality if great. The budtenders dont rush me and are willing to take time to help me find what i want. I have bought several different product from The Dispensary and I have been happy with every one of them. I wanted to try something I have never tried before. The budtender suggested the Boy Scout OG preroll by Tahoe Hydro Company.

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