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10MG Peach Gummies

Strain: 10MG Peach Gummies - Indica Dominant Hybrid

Producer: Ego

Contributor: Jeremy ‘Bearded Guy” Johnson



Each gummy is bright dayglow orange in color, and it has a 10MG stamp 80%
Each gummy smells like peach ring gummy candy 80%
Ego Peach Gummies taste very similar to peach rings candy 80%
The buzz from these gummies was really strong


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THC 10MG (10 pieces)
Beta Caryophyllene: .003
Limonene: .003

Ego makes a variety of cannabis products, including flowers, edibles, and concentrates. The peach flavored gummies come in a 10 pack. Each piece has 10mg of THC. My budtender said these were some of the best-tasting gummies he has ever had. The gummies are the perfect dosage. I took 2 just to see how strong they were.

Appearance 4/5
The Ego Peach Gummies come in a white pop-top bottle with a colorful label. Each gummy is bright dayglow orange in color, and it has a 10MG stamp. They look like orange gumdrops, just square instead of gumdrop shaped. The light makes the sugar on the outside of each gummy glisten. These gummies are easy on the eye. Just looking at them makes me want to eat all of them. The color reminds me of Orange Crush soda.

Aroma 4/5
Each gummy smells like peach ring gummy candy. The scent makes my mouth water in anticipation of tasting them. The peach scent reminds me of eating fresh peaches, picked right off the tree. They smell like someone crashed a few pounds of peaches into juice. It's a very refreshing, crisp scent. The scent is very strong compared to other gummies I have had in the past. It's sweet and slightly tart.

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Taste 4/5
Ego Peach Gummies taste very similar to peach rings candy. They taste like extremely sweet fresh peaches. The flavor is slightly sour but mostly sweet. The flavor is just a refreshing as the scent. It reminds me of peach liqueur. They taste like fresh Georgia peaches that were drenched in decadently sweet sugar. The flavor makes me salivate. The aftertaste is absolutely amazing.

Effect N/A
I took 2 of the peach gummies because it usually takes 20MG of THC or so to give me a nice buzz. The buzz from these gummies was really strong. My body felt like mush. I ended up taking a much-needed weed nap for about an hour after taking them. I woke up, and I was still quite stoned and very hungry. So I ate one more gummy. The third one did me in. I was knocked out for the rest of the night, shortly after eating it.

I would recommend the Peach Gummies by Ego to cannabis users who enjoy the flavor of peach candy. I think I may have overdone it by taking three of them. I would suggest taking one then waiting an hour or so to see how your body reacts to them. The flavor is great, the effects are awesome.

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Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number: 702-978-7591
Hours: 10AM-3AM 7 Days a Week

Essence Dispensary

The strip in the morning is completely different than it is at night. At night it's very full of life. During the day, it's very desolate and empty. The same can be said about Essence DIspensary. It is 10am, and the store is very empty. It is quiet. It is so quiet there is an almost eerie feeling in the store. There is only one couple in the store, so I get the chance to take in the full dispensary experience. I overheard the other customer telling the budtender how amazed they are to be able to walk in a store to buy weed. They are obviously from a state that doesn't have any form of legal cannabis. I ask my budtender if they get a lot of people visiting from states that don't have legal cannabis. He explained that they get a lot of people who are in a dispensary for the very first time. He tells me about the various gummy edibles that they sell. Since there isn't a line of people waiting, I took my time. I never felt rushed at all. I asked a lot of questions about the various flavors and brands. He seemed happy to answer all of my questions. He answered all of them with ease and finesse. I chose to buy a pack of Peach Gummies by Ego.

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