Medical Cannabis Qualifies for Tax Deductions in New Mexico, Court Rules

Source: If cannabis is medicine, shouldn’t it receive the same subsidies, kickbacks, and tax… Read More »

Standardizing-the-Cannabis-Industry-A-Look at-ASTM-International’s-Process-for-Writing-Standards

Standardizing the Cannabis Industry: A Look at ASTM International’s Process for Writing Standards

Source: ASTM International has been around for more than 100 years and has released… Read More »


5 Tips for Increasing Yields

Source: Here, we’ll highlight 5 of the most common pruning and training techniques used… Read More »

Optimizing the Root Zone Environment in Cannabis Q&A with Brian Jackson

Optimizing the Root Zone Environment in Cannabis: Q&A with Brian Jackson

Source: Cannabis cultivators are diligent about the light their plants receive and the environmental… Read More »

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