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Strain: Cinex

Producer: Las Vegas Natural Caregivers LLC

Contributor: Jeremy Johnson



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Cinex is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid, Its two parent strains, Cinderella 99 and Vortex originated in Washington State. Cinex is a strain that gives the user a boat in energy. It is a very cerebral, energetic high. It gives most users a very focused and energetic buzz. Cinex is a great strain for boosting creativity.

Appearance 3 of 5

Each tiny bud is a very light tint of green with a frosty white coat of trichomes. The nugs are crispy and dry. There is almost no stem on any of the buds and they have speck of bluish purple on them. The trim job seems half done and the buds are so small I am sure that was tedious work. Each bud has slight hints of yellowish orange.

Aroma 1 of 5

The aroma of Cinex is a total bummer. It smells like grass that was put in a barn and never fully dried. This strain smells like I opened a bag of grass that had vitamins mixed in with it. This strain has a terrible nose. This strain obviously wasn’t cure long enough, It smells like the grower got a little ahead of himself.

Taste 1 of 5

The grass smell comes thru fully in the flavor of Cinex. It tastes like I am smoking wet hay. I imagine cattle might like the flavor of this strain, but I don't like it at all. It burns my throat and my lungs. Upon exhale it has almost flavor at all. The little flavor I picked up is not good. I like smoking grass but not yard clippings. This was a real disappointment in the flavor category.

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Effect 1 of 5

Cinex continues to disappoint me in each category. I got a slight head high after smoking 2 bowls followed by a slight headache. This strain didn’t affect me in any good ways. It didn't do much of anything. Cinex truly is not living up to its reputation. The effect was all bad. I really didn't feel any stoney effects like I do from smoking a few bowls out of my bong. After smoking the whole gram, I decided Cinex is just not for me.

My recommendation for Cinex would be, try something else. I was absolutely disappointed in every category. The smell wasn't there. There look wasn't there. The flavor wasn't good at all. Lastly, there was really no effect even after smoking a full gram. Either something went wrong in the production of this batch of Cinex or the cultivator started with bad genetics.

Cinex was a total disappointment. I have had this strain in the past and this was nothing like I experienced before. Cinex didn't give me any of the effects that I have enjoyed from it in the past. CInex is normally an excellent strain but this batch something went horribly wrong.

Address: 2320 Western Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone number: 702-399-4200
Hours: 24 x 7

I decide to try Acres out after hearing about the weekly farmers market. Acres is open 24 hours a day, and I went in at 3am. The dispensary was very eerily quiet. My budtender showed me several products and answered all of my questions with ease. The store is lit very well and they have a rewards program for repeat customers. They offer a 10% discount to local patrons. They have a line for medical and a line for recreational customers but this didn't matter since I was visiting so late at night. The budtender showed me several items and made me aware that Acres has of few of their on products that are made on site. They have their own edibles line and their own flower. Some of the prices seemed a bit higher than other dispensaries but their facility is giant and they gotta pay the bills, I understand. Like most other dispensaries in Sin City, they only take cash, but they do have an onsite ATM. Acres is one of the only places in Las Vegas that has a cannabis museum in the back of the shop. Their line of edibles is made in a room by the museum that has a large viewing window. Customers can come in during production hours and watch the made various edible cannabis products.

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