Strain: Create

Producer: Cannadescant

Contributor: Michael Avalos



Lovely, lighthearted color 60%
Strong scent 100%
Light and crisp 80%
Ad description 100%


Ad description 0%
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All the strains in the Canndescent line -- the grower of this fine plant -- have simple, striking, one-word names like “Calm,” “Create,” or “Cruise.”

We chose “Create” because we were curious if we would feel, you know, more creative after using it. And while we didn’t necessarily feel more creative, we can report that this Hybrid leans more toward the Indica side of things, producing a high that works fast and works well.

Appearance: 3/5

Create was a gram we ordered, that came to as a pre-rolled joint. That made it hard to admire the flower itself, since it had been broken down so fine. But we liked what we saw -- a lovely, lighthearted color.

Aroma: 5/5

We definitely loved the smell of this plant. It’s got a strong scent that blends together aromas that remind us of earthy forest greens and orangey citrus.

Flavor: 4/5

Instead of lighting up this joint, we untwisted the top, and loaded the plant into our bowl. The smoke tasted light and crisp, with a mellow flavor that kept us puffing on and on.

Effect: 5/5

We definitely felt an Indica-style head buzz off this Hybrid, but we weren’t bogged down by it. We felt alert and task-oriented, which helped us knock out some chores during a pleasant afternoon.

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Long story short -- while we didn’t paint a masterpiece, or write the next Great American Novel, we did have a wonderful time getting “blessed out” with Create. It produces a strong high, that’s great for focus, anxiety, or just general clarity.

MedMen is designed to be more than just a marijuana dispensary. It wants to be a brand name, an experience, and a weed shop all at the same time. And while they boast a large number of employees and plenty of MedMen swag for sale, they don’t succeed at being a great place to buy your trees, to be honest.

Create (Hybrid) - $15/g

Address: 8208 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046
Phone number: (323) 848-7981
Hours: Open 8am - 10pm, 7 days a week

When it comes to mainstream marijuana, there’s only one name in the game -- MedMen. If you live near one of their many locations, you’ve no doubt seen their advertisements. This company seems determined to remove all the transgressive aspects of buying weed, by turning it into just another visit to a chic retail environment. That slick corporatization kept us away for so long, but you can’t fight the future forever. So, we finally took a trip to the MedMen shop in West Hollywood and, while we had a really fun time, we came away less than satisfied with our overall experience.

We arrived on a Saturday afternoon. The building, itself, is painted in their signature red, and there were several employees donned in red shirts standing outside ready to check people in. A quick scan of the ID, and we were granted access.

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As we entered, we couldn’t help but admire the design, which is obviously influenced by the Apple Store. There are several large tables stationed around the room, with shelves on the wall housing additional products.

On the tables, we found flower, shatter, vape cartridges, and even edibles. Each of which was on display in tiny samples, either underneath glass or inside show-jars, equipped with smell flaps and magnifying peeps.

Centered on each table were iPads that could be used to access more information, including the manufacturer/grower details, percentages, and even a small description of the products. Despite this set up, we were still greeted by several different red shirts as we browsed, asking if we needed any assistance. We wouldn’t call them overeager, but we would say they did appear slightly overstaffed for the amount of customers they had.

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