Dark Wizard

Strain: Dark Wizard

Producer: MedMen Red

Contributor: Akil Evans



The front side of the bag is an opaque white 100%
smell citrus scents. 90%
excellent spicy taste 90%
I was in a happy mood and easily laughing while 100%
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THC: 14.2
Terpene Profile
𝛃-Caryophyllene: 4.09 mg/g
𝛅-Limonene: 1.69 mg/g
𝝰-Pinene: 0.88 mg/g

Dark Wizard is classified as a cannabis indica-dominant hybrid strain. Blissful Wizard is one of the parent strains and has a Cookie lineage. Ironically, the other parent strain to Dark Wizard is Brightberry, also known as Brightberry OG is similarly an indica-dominant hybrid. Most users of Dark Wizard experience the giggles and other positive, relaxing emotions.

Appearance  5/5
This MedMen Red Flower Bag of Dark Wizard is a little different than the previous flower bags I have purchased because of its transparent backside. It allowed me to view the beautiful fluffy nuggets. In addition, there is a label with the lab results and a marijuana product warning on the posterior. The front side of the bag is an opaque white with a red MedMen Red sticker indicating the strain’s name and weight of the flower. There is a spectrum of colors to be witnessed when I pull out the nugs from the bag. The surplus of twinkling amber trichomes is the first characteristic I notice about Dark Wizard. Next, I notice the rusty orange pistils that poke out from the dark purplish and chartreuse sugar leaves. The calyx is the same green color as olives.

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Aroma 4.5/5
I rip the seal and open the clasps of the ziplock-style bag and savor the sour and fruity notes from Dark Wizard. With all the sweet and funky tones I detect from this indica-leaning strain, I am surprised that more myrcene is not reported. The 𝛅-Limonene dominantes the 𝛃-caryophyllene in Dark Wizard as I mostly smell citrus scents. Furthermore, as the perfume begins to wane, there is a slight hint of tea leaves and healing botanicals.

Taste 4.5/5
I grind one of the gorgeous nugs of Dark Wizard and pack it neatly into a glass bowl. The first hit delivers an excellent spicy taste from the large proportion of 𝛃-caryophyllene. The bittersweet flavor reminds me of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. The smoke’s flavor is filled with honeyed tones and expresses refreshing sweet herbal hints. It’s fun and easy to smoke Dark Wizard. Ultimately, the smoke gives me the impression of walking in a flower garden.

Effect 5/5
MedMen Red’s Dark Wizard high delivers a magical joyful high. I relish a deep euphoria that emanates from my core from Dark Wizard’s indica-like high. Just as a sativa strain may increase one’s perception, I felt more focused while smoking Dark Wizard. I was in a happy mood and easily laughing while enjoying pain relief from this indica-dominant strain. I can not remember the last time I laughed this hard from the consumption of weed with such a low THC percentage.

Product price: $30.00

Dark WIzard produced by MedMen Red displays top-shelf quality in appearance, aroma, taste, and effect. I was blown away by the glorious characteristics of the flower's anatomy, especially the purple hues. The aroma similarly impressed me with its tart, sweet combination with herbal tea. I went to MedMen and chose Dark Wizard simply because the name sounded dope, and the strain was even danker and magical than I imagined.

Address: 823 S. 3rd Street, Las Vegas NV 89101
Phone number: (725) 333-7404
Hours: 10AM - 12 AM Daily

It’s a blessing to be a cannabis connoisseur living in Las Vegas! Recreational and medicinal cannabis legislation has resulted in an abundance of various dispensaries and brands to explore in the desert. Even though I would like to shop at every different dispensary Nevada has to offer, I continue to skateboard to my local MedMen Dispensary every time I execute a weed haul. In the Silver State, construction is always occurring somewhere and causing roadblocks. These road obstacles can not stop me from rolling down to MedMen on my skateboard. I am so grateful that I did decide to kick push down 3rd Street because the new cement made an excellent surface to slide and glide. However, once I arrived on the MedMen block, I was forced to walk with my skateboard in order to avoid the development of parking and driveway.


 The tinted windows of the red building gave the appearance that the building was closed. But the hour of operations posted on the door let me know that it would not be closing until midnight. After I buzzed the button on the door, I gained access into the lobby. The security officer beckoned me inside while the receptionist asked for my legal identification. Succeeding the checking of driver’s licence, I was granted access to the cannabis retail space.Despite my numerous trips to the MedMen Downtown close to the Arts District, I was approached by a fresh face. Arlene walked up to me as I was browsing the various display jars as asked how I was doing. Afterward, I relayed my desire to obtain a MedMen Red Flower Bag, which offers 3.5 grams of cannabis for only $30.00. I have already reviewed a sativa and a sativa-dominant flower bag, so I decided to switch it up and purchase the indica-dominant strain Dark Wizard. Arlene remarked on the nice flavor and chill high from Dark Wizard before I peaced out.

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