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Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar

Strain: N/A

Producer: Evergreen Organix

Contributor: Akil The Real Deal



The design on the wrapping delivers a chocolatey 100%
the aromas that find my muzzle reminded me of a coffee shop 80%
The beans and crumbles of espresso beans 80%
it seemed like the effects hit me within thirty minutes 100%
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Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar a $25.00 for 100mg. I was astounded by the ability to pay with cash or card!

Evergreen Organix: Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar - 100mg 
THC: 98.020 mg
CBG: 02.776 mg

Evergreen Organix manufactures the Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar, and every other edible product in it’s Nevada based kitchen. The cannabinoids are extracted from the cannabis plant utilizing carbon dioxide. The 98.020mg of tetrahydrocannabinol will enhance one’s mental and physical stimulation as it is known as the psychoactive intoxicating aspect of cannabis. While the trace amount of cannabigerol may fight bacteria, fungus, and depression.

Appearance 5/5
Evergreen Organix packages it’s handcrafted espresso dark chocolate bar in a simple and elegant brown and white package. The design on the wrapping delivers a chocolatey theme along with potency information, a warning, ingredients, and allergens. I use scissors to slice off the top of the foil parcel and open the Ziploc packaging. I remove the coffee-colored candy from the resealable container and notice its smooth texture and neatness. The bar is divided into ten perfect squares with a 10mg of THC warning etched on one side. On the other side, the surface is irregular because of the espresso beans embedded in the chocolate.

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Aroma 4/5
The seal locks in the scent tight because there is no trace of Evergreen Organix Espresso Dark Chocolate bar. When I reveal the sweet treat from its hiding place, the aromas that find my muzzle reminded me of a coffee shop. The cocoa and coffee aromas expressed in this chocolate imitates a Mocha Latte crafted by a seasoned barista. There is not a hint of any cannabis in the 100mg Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar.

Taste 4/5
I take a nibble of the dark chocolate cannabis-infused candy and begin to enjoy a creamy and firm mouthfeel. The beans and crumbles of espresso beans deliver a satisfying crunch similar to the chocolate part of an oreo cookie. The delicious treat is overflowing with java and cacao flavors. Yet it void of any cannabis tones. Although the chocolate is dominant in the aroma, the coffee flavor dominates the taste of the Evergreen Organix Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar.

Effect 5/5
I have already enjoyed three different sessions with Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar before writing this article. On each of those sessions, I only consumed two 10mg THC pieces of chocolate. When I enjoyed it in the morning with my breakfast, it seemed like the effects hit me within thirty minutes after I consumed the chocolate. In the beginning, I felt a tingling, numbing, and warm fuzzy feeling start in my legs. Soon my whole body was enveloped in a warm weight blanket of euphoria. In the same way, my humor and energy boosted to the top floor.

Evergreen Organix has a brilliant rapport with endocannabinoid receptors and my taste buds. The flavor of the Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar is on the same level of name brand chocolatiers. Moreover, the high from the edibles is always observable despite how much I dose. Whenever I taste an Evergreen Organix product, I am reminded of my visit to the Evergreen Organix kitchen.

Address: 823 South 3rd Street, Las Vegas NV 89101
Phone number: (725) 333-7404
Hours: Daily - 10am -Midnight (Dispensary)
            Daily - 8am - Midnight (Delivery)

I rolled up on 3rd street and Hoover for the first weed haul of 2020! Although it was not my first trip to a dispensary in the new year because I visited MedMen dispensary twice already in January. I have already begun practicing a new routine at MedMen after work, picking up a Zen preroll to chill out. Zen is produced by Medmen’s Statemade NV brand. But this was my first official weed haul in this new decade! That I chose to visit MedMen in the Arts District of Downtown Las Vegas is because of the wonderful hospitality and potent products experienced on each of my trips during this fresh phase.

It was my first time talking with Alexander, and I was impressed with his kindness and knowledge of a variety of cannabis. I decided to purchase an Evergreen Organix Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar with a 100mg of THC. Then I asked Alexander’s suggestion for strains of flower, and he shared his positive opinion on some other Statemade NV strains. For example, JOY is a strain similar to White Widow produced by the in-house brand. Similarly, Statemade offers a strain like Gorilla Glue #4 titled EBB.

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Alexander relayed my order on his radio earpiece, and I begin to wait in line. During my wait in line, I reviewed the multiple displays of product at the kiosk tables. At MedMen, one can view cannabis flower through a transparent jar and even smell the dank. Moreover, touch screen tablets display cannabinoid and terpene information along with adjectives describing the high. I purchased the Evergreen Organix


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