Ghost Train Haze by Nature’s Chemistry

Strain: Ghost Train Haze

Producer: Nature's Chemistry

Contributor: Asia Mayfield

Ghost Train Haze
Ghost Train Haze Packaging


Pale green color 100%
Strong 100%
Doesn’t taste like much 60%
Could barely sit still 100%


Ad description 0%
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  • Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary

This is the strain that budtenders talk about. Ask for a recommendation for a potent sativa, and there is a good chance you will hear about Ghost Train Haze. Here is why.

Appearance 5/5
Do you believe in love at first sight? One might after looking at Ghost Train Haze. It is a pale green color and speckled glinting trichomes. What is the best word to describe Ghost Train Haze’s looks? Pretty. The green and silver coloring works well together. In sunlight, the buds look appealingly fresh.

Aroma 5/5
Wow. Don’t try to hide these buds. Ghost Train Haze smells STRONG. It is the type of cannabis that makes you want to spray an air freshener after you smoke. Or hey, let the room smell like cannabis. It is a flower after all. The scent is overwhelmingly sweet and floral.

Flavor 3/5
Sorry folks, Ghost Train Haze isn’t nearly as tasty as it looks. Honestly, it doesn’t taste like much at all. If a smoker tries hard, they might be able to detect a faint lemon flavor.
The good news is that there is nothing harsh about the inhale. The smoke enters your lungs smoothly. It leaves a bitter aftertaste that is hard to shake off however.

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Effect 5/5
Seven years ago, High Times called Ghost Train Haze the most potent strain on earth. High-THC cannabis is an exploding market now that recreational consumption is legal in many places. Now, Ghost Train Haze has serious competition for the title. The strain tests at 26.21% THC. It is also chock full of terpinolene, the least common terpene. Tests show 11.28 mg/g. Terpinolene is associated with sedative effects, yet I felt so jazzed up after smoking I could barely sit still. The sleepy experience is combated by its sativa parent, Nevil’s Wreck. Ghost Train Haze is also mixed with Ghost OG. Individuals may feel calm, yet happy and creative.

Sativa strains invigorate the mind. Smoking a bowl can lift spirits, erasing all anxieties and stressful thoughts. If a smoker is turning to cannabis to help with depression or troubled thoughts, they should add Ghost Train Haze to the list of strains to try. The high produced by the buds is spirited and cheerful.

Ghost Train Haze by Nature’s Chemistry is close to a perfect strain. The gnarly aftertaste that coats the throat when inhaled is the only drawback. Pick up these buds wherever they are found. User’s will experience a buzzy sativa high that energize their day. There is a ton of THC to work with, but I never felt overpowered. I recommend Inyo to beginners for the best introduction into the world of cannabis.

2520 S Maryland Pkwy #2
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone number: (702) 707-8888
8AM-12AM Monday through Saturday
8AM-10PM on Sundays

Inyo is the local neighborhood cannabis spot. It is located in a bustling strip mall a few miles from the Las Vegas strip. Trendy posters line the walls of Inyo’s lobby. Music pulses over the sound system. After scanning an I.D. and entering a phone number, customers wait in a short line until a budtender is available. There aren’t a lot of cannabis products on display. Half of the small dispensary space is taken up by a counter selling pipes and bongs. Smoking accessories line the walls. The budtenders are so knowledgeable and friendly that they have no trouble going over the menu. This is what a beginner needs on their initial visit. The menu is overwhelming without a guide, especially if a smoker can’t see the products on display. The prices are reasonable compared to other dispensaries. Most of their strains fall between the $11 to $18 range for a gram. Stoners can pick up 0.5-grams of a concentrate for under $40 with tax. Inyo’s inventory is impressive for such a small store.

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