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Long’s Peak Blue

Strain: Long’s Peak Blue

Producer: Kabunky

Contributor: Canna Dahlia

Kabunky Long’s Peak Blue Review November 2019 Nevada Made Marijuana Dispensary
Kabunky Long’s Peak Blue Review November 2019 Nevada Made Marijuana Dispensary
Kabunky Long’s Peak Blue Review November 2019 Nevada Made Marijuana Dispensary


Perfectly solid piece 100%
Slight hint of sweet blueberries 60%
Sweet fruity flavor with a hint of citrus and pine 90%
Really quite nice 90%


Ad description 0%
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Appearance 5/5
For me, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to open my jar of wax and have it still in one perfectly solid piece. This tells me that there isn’t an overabundance of handling going on which is super important in maintaining the integrity of your concentrates. The Long’s Peak Blue wax is a very pretty golden wax that looks almost like a piece of honeycomb. It is light and airy, just as a crumble should be.

Aroma 3/5
The smell of the wax itself is not very aromatic, but most crumble waxes aren’t very aromatic. However, when smoked the smell is nice, still a bit on the light side though. It has a light skunky aroma with a slight hint of sweet blueberries on the tail end.

Taste 4/5
The flavor was really good, but I do wish it had been a bit stronger. The terpene profile wasn’t very high for this one, so I kind of anticipated it being a light flavor. It has a sweet fruity flavor with a hint of citrus and pine, the skunky flavor definitely comes through at the end, kind of like an aftertaste.

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Effect 4/5
The effect of this one was really quite nice. The only reason it didn’t earn a score of 5 is because I found it to be more of an indica type high than a hybrid balanced high. It was a bit of a creeper high as well. It took about 10 minutes for the full effects to hit. It starts off pretty heavy on the body, but after about 30 minutes it tapers off into more of a serene and spacey head high with a side of couch lock and munchies.

Long’s Peak Blue Krumble by Kabunky. I chose this strain because it was not a strain that I was familiar with. I was told by my budtender it is a cross of Old Blue and Rare Dankness #1. This strain is known for having a super relaxing and mood elevating high. Though it is a hybrid it is also known to favor the indica side with more of a couch lock body type high. To me though, the myrcene content doesn’t seem too high and generally that is how I gauge the stoniness of what I purchase. Here is the THC & Terpene profile for the wax:

· THC: 726 mg/g
· Humulene: 0.9 mg/g
· Limonene: 1.2 mg/g
· Myrcene: 1.8 mg/g
· Linalool: 1.4 mg/g
· Caryophyllene: 2.1 mg/g
· Pinene: 0.8 mg/g

I thought overall this was a really good purchase. I will likely buy it again in the future. Just a side note, it also gives you some wicked cotton mouth. That was the only mildly inconvenient side effect from smoking. Nevada Made Marijuana in Henderson is by far one of my favorite dispensaries, as they also cultivate their own in-house products (Kabunky) and it allows them to sell concentrates at a lower rate than most other dispensaries. $25 grams every Wax Wednesday!

3195 St. Rose Pkwy #212
Henderson, NV 89052
Phone number: (702) 737-7777
Hours: 8 :00 AM – 11 :00 PM  

Nevada Made Marijuana Dispensary

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