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Strain: L'Orange

Producer: Cannabiotix

Contributor: Sierra Roberts

L Orange
L Orange Package


Beautiful vibrant 50%
Strong aroma 50%
Strong as its smell 50%
Energetic boost 45%


Ad description 0%
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7885 West Sahara
Suite 112
Las Vegas, NV, 89147
Phone number: (702) 778-7987
Hours: 8am - 10pm Every Day

Sativa. THC: 26.91% THCA: 27.18%

The L’ Orange strain is perhaps my all-time favorite.

I was sitting at home researching the next dispensary to go to and The Apothecarium was one of the many results to pop up during the search.  I began looking through their menu to see my options but immediately stopped when I saw the L’ Orange strain.  This bud always seems to be changing locations or not available, so, I was excited to be able to get my hands on some flower again.  Be aware that when going in the later, busier hours of the day, there may be a line that leads outside, but it moves relatively fast.  This is usually from about 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The Apothecarium is a medium sized tan building with the name brightly displayed on the store front. It was easy to locate and is in close range of many places to eat.  When walking inside you notice that the walls are white but have a nice classy design to their architecture and the floor has an interesting diagonal pattern going on.  The countertops are a nice marble with wood cabinets below.  Also, there are a few glass chandeliers hanging throughout the environment and mirrors lining the walls.

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At the Apothecarium, they keep everything behind the counter and menus are on the countertops ready for viewing. The staff is trained well and has tons of product knowledge. The people around me all seemed to be enjoying their browsing experience. You can ask to smell or see anything, and they bring it right out.  They also sell glass and other materials that made be needed to create your ideal smoking experience.

Aroma: [5 of 5]
L’ Orange packs one strong punch.  Its strong aroma is not held back by the packaging whether it be a sealed bag or jar.  The second the container opens, you are met with a skunky, orange delight. I really do love the smell of it.  It's one of those strains that you keep the container just for smelling later.  It's fantastically strong and a powerful aroma - something I personally search for when looking for a new strain.  I have not yet found a strain that I have enjoyed the smell of more than that of L’ Orange.

Taste: [5 of 5]
Oh man, the taste of L Orange is just as strong as its smell.  The taste lingers in your mouth many breaths after the exhale with a strong citrus flavor.  It's so easy to want to keep smoking because of the taste alone. Pro-Tip: L’ Orange is especially great over ice.

Feel: [4.5 of 5]
This Sativa strain comes with an energetic boost. It's nice to smoke in the morning while waking up with a cup of coffee or to pair before or after breakfast (or both). Like a nice glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. It is nice on the weekends while running errands or weekdays for everyday tasks. Personally, it helps me with waking up and getting ready for a day of work. It is known to help with both anxiety, and depression. I completely agree that it works for both issues. Keeping your mood happy and ready to do things is a great game changer. The uplifting power is something you want to hold onto.

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Appearance: [5 of 5]
L’ Orange is quite a beautiful bud.  The greens in these nugs are a beautiful vibrant variety that run throughout, and its pistils are a bright, eye-catching, orange. You almost don't want to break them up for smoking. The nugs are fluffy, yet dense and have beautiful points and structure to them. Trichomes litter the surface of these gorgeous buds like a frosty paradise.

Fantastic. I can recommend the Apothecarium for decent prices and a nice variety here in Las Vegas. They also offer online ordering for locals and are open 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day of the week.  I was pleasantly surprised to find my favorite strain and will likely keep returning until it is no longer available at that location. L’ Orange is one of my highest recommendations, especially if you are a sativa or citrus fan. It was one of the first strains I picked out by myself at a dispensary which attributes to why it is so close to my heart. It doesn’t hurt that it is an amazing strain. L’ Orange is a great first choice from the Apothecarium.

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