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Lucy Diamond

Strain: Lucy Diamond Pre-Roll 1 gram - Indica (THC: 24.06%, CBD: 0, CBN: 0.01%)

Producer: House of Herb

Contributor: C. Imani Williams



Light green nugs 100%
Taste like Citrus, Earthy, Pine-y. 100%
Citrus, Earthy, Pine-y 100%
Relaxing, Sleep, Pain Relief. 100%
Helps with
Mood, pain, muscle spasms, appetite and sleeplessness
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Indica (THC: 24.06%, CBD: 0, CBN: 0.01%) 

A hard-hitting indica, Lucy Diamond lends a nice body high. I had never tried the strain before so, as always I got excited anticipating the flavors. A cross of OG Kush and an unknown strain, Lucy Diamond is known for relaxing those tired and aching muscles. Light green in color with brownish orange hairs the strain has an earthy, piney aroma, and a citrus flavor with wood and pine undertones. I tried this one while taking a hot bath to help my muscles chill out. I smoked the joint nice and slow. It was so nice of a smoke that I was wishing I had gotten more. Within 30 minutes of consumption, my body was more relaxed than it had been all day. After another 30 minutes, I was ready to sleep. For these two reasons alone I would try Lucy Diamond again.

I suggest Lucy Diamond after a long day when your body is craving pain relief. Some people get a head high before the indica body sensation kicks in, making them feel happy and upbeat. That was not my experience. It could be that once my back pain reaches a certain level, I am strictly focused on pain relief, but I was able to notice fast relief and deep relaxation. Lucy Diamond has now been added to my list of strains to have when fatigue is trying to take me out and I cannot sleep because my back feels like it is on fire.

Light green nugs, intertwined with brownish orange hairs.

A soothing aroma that gives off hints of what Lucy Diamond is going to taste like. Citrus, earthy, and piney.

Lucy Diamond delivers on flavor. An eclectic mix that does a body good. Citrus, earth, and pine.

I would eat dinner before trying Lucy Diamond. You will be sleepy soon after. A relaxing deep sleep with pain relief.

Lucy Diamond may aid with mood, pain, muscle spasms, appetite and sleeplessness. I noticed that within just one hour of smoking Lucy Diamond, I was ready to count sheep. I woke up feeling rested and well. My appetite also was improved after smoking the joint of Lucy Diamond. I did have the munchies, so it was a good thing I was too sleepy to cook anything. I was able to eat some fruit and cheese to take care of my need to eat. If you need any help with your appetite, I recommend Lucy Diamond.

Ask your friendly bud tender about special deals at the Blackjack Collective. There are small discounts offered throughout the week for locals, industry employees, and veterans. If you are visiting Blackjack Collective for the first time, you can a get a pre-roll for a penny with orders over $10.00!

1736 S. Las Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas, 89104

Phone Number: (702) 727- 3187
Hours: 9AM-3AM

Located at 1736 S. Las Vegas Blvd, Blackjack Collective is the second dispensary on the strip. A five-minute walk from the Stratosphere, and a 10-minute stroll from the Sahara, Blackjack Collective is a stop on the Deuce route making it conveniently located for both tourists and locals. A mid-size dispensary, Blackjack Collective is well stocked, especially with flower. The store is clean, organized, and bright with lighting that makes the bud look pretty and fluffy. The way the flower is displayed at Blackjack Collective is appealing. With my budtender’s explanation on strains I was able to make an informed decision, and that is how I like to shop. Blackjack Collective also carries a nice spread of CBD/hemp based products.

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