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Mandarin Zkittlez

Strain: Mandarin Zkittlez

Producer: Mojave

Contributor: Missy Matheny



Very sticky. Gorgeous flower 90%
Earthy greens, and sweet oranges 80%
Flavor still has a bit of orange 70%
Felt awake, though, not sluggish or tired 90%
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Mandarin Zkittlez 20.52% THC
Myrcene: 4.307mg/g
B Caryophyllene: 3.144 mg/g
Limonene: 4.222mg/g

Mandarin Zkittlez is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid, bred from a cross of California Black Rose and Mandarin Sunset. Known for its beautiful buds, and its nice balance of both indica and sativa effects. With an average THC level in the lower 20s, and citrus or fruity flavors.

Appearance 4.5/5
My container had one large nug in it that looked like a long unripe strawberry, complete with a little stem on top. Spring green in color, with bright orange hairs trying to push their way through the dense walls of the flower, and a coating of crystals that was so thick in spots that the green of the buds became almost white. The buds I received were compact, hard to break apart, and very sticky. Gorgeous flower.

Aroma 4/5
A light fragrance was noticeable as soon as I opened the container. Sweet and fruity with a touch of citrus, it was very inviting. I got closer, and the citrus became a little stronger, with a touch of leaves almost hidden by the citrus. The smell of earthy greens, and sweet oranges, it was kind of like mandarin oranges in a salad. Overall the aroma was mild, and I would have liked it to be stronger.

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Taste 3.5/5
The first hit I took, I almost coughed. This strain is very harsh. The flavor still has a bit of orange in it, but it has a very harsh spice to it. The more hits I took, the more it burned my throat. It was like having an orange-flavored spice drop, but someone put too much spice in it, and now my mouth is feeling it. I’m not a big fan of spice myself, but those who like it would enjoy this strain.

Effect 4.5/5
After taking a couple hits, I felt the effects hitting my body rather quickly. My muscles relaxed, and my neck tension lessened. I felt my mind lift as well, with a combination of mood elevation and a slowing of my thoughts. I still felt awake, though, not sluggish or tired, and after smoking my second bowl later in the day, I felt a little creative. I loved the balance of the indica and sativa in this strain.

Product price: $10.99 per gram

Mandarin Zkittlez is a good strain for users looking for that rare balance of indica and sativa in their buds. I found this strain to be good for mild mood elevation, cramps, muscle pain, tension, stress, and relaxation in general without the couch lock of a full Indica. I also found it good for a little creative spark, gaming, and appetite stimulation.

I loved the look of the buds. The red hairs and crystals caught my eye instantly. The aroma was a little on the lighter side for my taste, and I found smoking the bud to be harsh. However, the effects were a wonderful balance of indica and sativa that lasted several hours, with a combination of body relaxation and mood elevation often looked for in a hybrid strain. Although I wasn’t fond of the spicy flavor, I think people who enjoy spice would enjoy the taste more than I did.

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1730 Glendale Ave,
Sparks Nevada
Phone number: (775)470-5255
Hours: Mon-Wed 8am-8pm Thur-Sat 8am-9pm Sun 8a-7p  

Greenleaf Wellness is located on the corner of Rock Boulevard and Glendale Avenue, less than a half a block away from the Maverick gas station. This is my favorite dispensary in the Reno-Sparks area. It’s smaller, but since the remodel, and the removal of the wall separating the customers from the store area, it feels much larger. The product they have available lines the back wall, and my budtenders usually grab two or more containers for me to choose from. I love this because I feel it really adds to the freedom of choice that going to a dispensary provides. The staff is usually very friendly, and there is always someone right inside the door to greet people as they enter, check IDs, and answers any questions. Security is always visible, and I feel this adds to my comfort making purchases at Greenleaf. They seem to stock newer strains often, making them a go-to place for variety. The budtenders are often recommending a new strain the dispensary just started selling, but they also have a couple strains that they keep in stock regularly.
Greenleaf offers a rewards program that is like what other dispensaries have in the area, with a points system that adds up over time, redeemable for a variety of products, from prerolls to flower, to edibles and more. During peak hours, I recommend using the online ordering offered on the website; it can save a lot of time. The only downsides are not getting to chat with the budtenders about what’s new in stock, and not picking out the specific container of flower I wanted.

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