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Top 10 Las Vegas Cannabis Dispensaries

Top 10 Las Vegas Cannabis Dispensaries Contributor: Asia Mayfield Take it from a longtime stoner- weed is getting better. Especially in Las Vegas. Two years after legalization, the city hosts more than 30 dispensaries. Each one sells drool-worthy strains. You can find dapper budtenders dressed in suits and doling out recommendations in an environment that… Read More »

Jazz Space

Jazz x Space Dude by Chong’s Choice

Jazz x Space Dude by Chong’s Choice Strain: Jazz x Space Dude Producer: Chong’s Choice Contributor: Asia Mayfield 4.8  4.8/5 pros Appearance Flower look dull 30% Aroma Wow, these buds smell strong 50% Taste Heady floral taste 50% Effect Deeply stoned 50% Cons None Ad description 0% ReLeaf Dispensary Our Analysis Recommendation Final Thoughts… Read More »

Pie Hoe

Pie Hoe

Pie Hoe Strain: Pie Hoe by Tryke Producer: Tryke Contributor: Asia Mayfield 4.5  4.5/5 pros Appearance Alluring green color streaked with vivid oranges 40% Aroma Whiffs of a fruity smell 50% Flavor The sweetness is mellowed by musky overtones 40% Effect Chill, relaxed effect 50% Helps with Insomnia, serious pain relief Cons None Ad… Read More »

Cheeba Shango Packaging

Top Ten Cannabis Products in Las Vegas with Detailed Reviews & Where to Buy

Top Ten Cannabis Products in Las Vegas Contributor: Asia Mayfield Shopping at a Las Vegas dispensary is like being a greedy kid in Santa’s workshop. Everything looks delectable. High-THC shatter here, infused edibles over there. Stoners want it all. Certain products stand out. Here’s a look into the top ten cannabis products in the Las… Read More »

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