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Mango Kush Crumble

Strain: Mango Kush Crumble by AMA

Producer: AMA

Contributor: Asia Mayfield

Mango Kush Crumble
Mango Kush Crumble Packaging


Thick like small pieces of taffy 50%
Smells like the best weed you’ve ever smoked 50%
Like a burnt piece of fruit pie 50%
You’ll be way too stoned 50%


Ad description 0%
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1800 Industrial Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone number: (702) 420-2405
Hours: 12 a.m.- 12 a.m. Daily  

The Las Vegas weed market is cutthroat. A couple of mediocre dispensaries are still floating by on luck and momentum. The city doles out dispensary licenses like a greedy lunch lady handing out second servings of dessert. There aren’t enough dispensaries in town to vanquish the weaker ones. However, as the dispensary process is refined, the slackers are going to be cut out.

Right now, there’s a desperate battle being waged to be the top dispensary in Vegas. All the big players in town are involved. Oasis Cannabis is one of the brands trying to dominate the market. Locals and tourists love the spot because they offer some of the best deals in town.

If you’re a recreational user, weed is ultimately a commodity. Sure, it’s more pleasant to buy your weed from a happy budtender in a friendly environment. However, if you’re just trying to get stoned, it doesn’t really matter. You can achieve the same purpose by visiting an angry budtender in a run-down dispensary. People were willing to buy weed from weird guys in basements before legalization.

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When you’re buying weed, what matters the most to me, is the price. Oasis isn’t winning customers because of its personable staff, although that doesn’t hurt. Users are drawn to Oasis because of its their super competitive prices. Visit the dispensary during a random hour and you might be able to take advantage of deals like $25 eighths and $8 grams. The deals change constantly, however. If you see something you like, you need to jump on it.

Mango Kush Crumble by AMA (Sativa)

Appearance 5/5
This is not a very crumbly product. The crumble is thick like small pieces of taffy. You don’t need to use a lot to get an effect. Because the substance is so thick, you can’t sprinkle it on your weed. You need to pull off chunks and drop them onto your bud. The crumble will bubble and dissolve when you apply heat.

Aroma 5/5
One of the reasons why people love concentrates is because of the heightened flavor and aroma. The Mango Kush Crumble smells like the best weed you’ve ever smoked. If you could capture that aroma and dilute it, you would know what this AMA crumble smells like.

Taste 5/5
Well, it doesn’t taste like mangos. The crumble smoke tastes like a burnt piece of fruit pie. Your taste buds will be able to distinguish multiple fruity or tropical notes combined with a heavy, earthy flavor. The flavor doesn’t feel like it’s too strong, yet the taste of the crumble completely overwhelms the flower that you put it on top of it. There’s no need to use top-tier weed when you’re smoking crumble.

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Effect 5/5
The crumble hit me perfectly. I was prepared for a dizzying dose of THC, and I was still rattled. I forgot I could get this stoned. Usually, concentrates just make me fall asleep. It’s too high of a THC content for me.

AMA’s crumble is better suited for going on a hike than taking a nap. You can even smoke it if you want to be social. Just don't hang out with someone who’ve you never met or who hates weed. You’ll be way too stoned to deal with strange energy.

Okay. I know you might be intimidated by concentrates. The idea of jiggling around with torches and dab rigs is daunting. Here’s the beauty of the Mango Kush crumble by AMA - you don’t need anything to enjoy it. You can buy a half-gram and sprinkle small globs of it on a joint or a bowl.

Prepare to be smacked by a heavy dose of THC. The crumble tests at 74% THC. It’s enough to make you feel like you’ve been sprinted away to another planet. This is one of the few concentrates that I can smoke without immediately needing a nap. The peppy sativa bite keeps me awake.

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