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Sf Five Alive

Strain: SF Five Alive

Producer: State Flower

Contributor: Sierra Roberts

State Flower Sffive Alive
Stateflower Sf Five Alive
State Flower Sf Five Alive


Citrus heavy 35%
Mix of citrus flavors 40%
Super energetic 45%


Light-yellow green 30%
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7885 West Sahara
Suite 112
Las Vegas, NV, 89147
Phone number: (702) 778-7987

Sativa THC: 27.21% THCA: 30.69%

I picked up this SF Five Alive strain while on a trip to check out the Apothecarium. Though having to wait outside a moment while it was busy in the afternoon was a bit unfortunate it wasn’t too much of a hassle. Most dispensaries have a large to medium sized waiting room to accommodate customers and it makes me wonder how things go for the line on a hot summer night here in Vegas. The shop on the inside is relatively small, but it has a great look to it. The walls are shaped different and the color scheme combines nicely with the decor. I always enjoy a chandelier or two and the place gave off a clean and tidy vibe.

I was coming in to pick up another Sativa strain and decided to try something new. I was in search of a reasonably priced gram of a similar variety to my first Sativa choice. I looked through the menu and saw that SF Five Alive was around my price point. The budtender said it was similar to the other energetic sativa I was purchasing L’ Orange. That was a good enough reason for me to try something new and I decided to give it a shot. The budtender was friendly and seemed to know a lot about the products and was enthusiastic to tell me all about them. I thanked him for his help and made my way home to relax and enjoy my new strain.

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Aroma 3.5 out of 5
The SF Five Alive is a stinky strain that’s for sure but it also has some mossy earth like undertones the longer one breathes in. I tend to like this in a Sativa occasionally as most are usually more citrus heavy in scent.  After a few more sniffs, you can smell the citrusy notes that are beneath the surface. This citrus is more of a sweet lemon scent and it mixes in complementary to the combined aromas of this strain.

Taste 4 out of 5
SF Five Alive has a mix of citrus flavors that you can easily pick out after a few hits. At first, I got the normal lemon- refreshing flavor from this sativa. After a little more, I could distinguish there was also a more melon type flavor attached as well. It was delicious.

Feel 4.5 out of 5
I had originally bought this strain to come home and relax while winding down from a long day. Soon after smoking, I was indeed relaxed, but also super energetic. It helped motivate me to start drawing for a daily art challenge on Instagram. I had been intending to begin the project for a while. Not only that, I was motivated to cook myself a meal. This is a rare activity as I am a frequenter of fast food, Taco Bell in particular. SF Five Alive got me going and put into drive the creative side that struggles to find its way to the surface.  

Appearance 3 out of 5
The buds of SF Five Alive are compact, little and dense. The color is more of a light-yellow green compared to the dark forest green of many other varieties of cannabis. Its pistils are short and a matching yellow orange that are patched together throughout these nugs. They are dusty in trichomes and ready for smoking.

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The Apothecarium was a pleasant experience when searching for some adequate cannabis. Consider the time of day when deciding to go or if it’s a busy weekend as it is known for having a wait outside. The staff was pleasant, and they had a great selection of glass and other products such as edibles, topicals and store merch.  The environment was clean, and you moved quickly once through the doors. The strain SF Five Alive is one I am glad to have experienced. I enjoyed that it motivated me to create with my time and not just sit around and watch TV show after TV show or stare at my phone. I recommend this strain to anyone looking for a boost in their day and a nice taste to go along with it.

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