Strain: Meltdown

Producer: NuLeaf

Contributor: Asia Mayfield

NuLeaf Meltdown Review December 2019 NuLeaf Dispensary
NuLeaf Meltdown Review December 2019 NuLeaf Dispensary
NuLeaf Meltdown Review December 2019 NuLeaf Dispensary


Buds are eye-catching 100%
Like a plant drizzled in icing 100%
Rich, chocolate flavor and heavy sweetness 100%
Effects are centered in brain 100%
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If a dispensary is willing to attach its name to a substandard strain, can you really trust anything else they sell? That’s hard to say. Personally, I always like trying a dispensary’s homegrown bud. Currently, I’m at NuLeaf, so why would I buy anything besides a NuLeaf strain? That just makes the most sense to me.

NuLeaf flower is broken down into three different price points. Meltdown by NuLeaf is one of their top-tier strains.

Appearance 5/5
Even a non-smoker would admit that these buds are eye-catching. They’re incredibly dense, and each one is covered with a silvery coating of trichomes. Small splotches of orange are visible against the deep green, as well.

Aroma 5/5
Meltdown buds are incredibly pungent. The smell attacks your nostrils from across the room. Whip out these flowers and everyone will know exactly what you’re doing. The aroma can be likened to weed and sugar, like a plant drizzled in icing.

Taste 5/5
The first thought that bubbles up to my mind when the taste of Meltdown is on my tongue is ice cream. Fat, melty scoops of chocolate ice cream, to be exact. The smoke has a rich, chocolate flavor and heavy sweetness. Unlike your typical bowl of ice cream, however, Meltdown smoke has a musky, weedy flavor to go along with it, as well.

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Effect 5/5
Meltdown is a pure sativa. The effects are centered in your brain. Smoking these buds creates a silly, energetic high. You might fall into a fit of giggles, but you’d be too high to care. You may not even know what you’re laughing about. Does it matter? Not at all. You’re having a good time because you’re smoking Meltdown. So, just enjoy the ride.

Product Price: 1g ($20), 2g ($40), ⅛ ($60), ¼ ($100), ½ ($180), 1oz ($325)

If you’re a smoker with a refined taste in weed, you’ll appreciate Meltdown. It produces a crisp, clear-eyed high that fills your body with energy.

Meltdown is the perfect strain for people dealing with difficult bouts of anxiety. Worried, intrusive thoughts will start to fall away the second you begin your smoke session. Sure, lounging on the beach in Jamaica is a great way to relax, but if you’re not ready to purchase flight tickets, a few puffs of Meltdown can induce a similar effect.

Call an Uber, head to NuLeaf, and buy this strain. It’s that good. In fact, buy more than a gram. I wish I would have picked up an ounce, to be honest. Meltdown by NuLeaf is a perfect strain. The buds are plump, with a potent mixture of cannabinoids and terpenes. If you’re only going to smoke a couple of strains while in Vegas, let Meltdown be one of them.

430 E Twain Ave,
Las Vegas, NV 89169
Phone number: (702) 297-5323
Hours: 9 a.m. - 1 a.m. daily  

NuLeaf doesn’t look like much on the outside. It’s a small, stout building located on a busy road, a few miles past the strip. You’re inching toward a residential area when you visit NuLeaf, but you’re still in the tourist corridor. There are multiple extended-stay hotels on the same street. So, it doesn’t make sense that the dispensary doesn’t open until 9:00 a.m.

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It’s a weed store in Vegas, not a bank.

All of your preconceived notions about NuLeaf fall away when you walk inside. The interior is gorgeous. The reception area is separate from the dispensary, but there’s no real “lobby” area. You can walk into the dispensary the moment you’re done checking in with the receptionist.

Now, before you start shopping, make sure to snag a VIP card from the front. Like many dispensaries in town, NuLeaf has its own rewards system. Unlike those dispensaries, however, NuLeaf forces you to carry around a literal card. And honestly, it’s just another piece of plastic that’s going to clutter my purse.

The dispensary has the aesthetic of an old-fashioned ice cream shop. Special “Strains of the Day” are displayed in two glass cases. You can check them out, or you can get in line immediately. A budtender will soon call you over when it’s your turn.

NuLeaf has its own grow operation. Most of the strains on the menu come from their in-house grow room.

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