Phantom Cookies

Strain: Phantom Cookies

Producer: Healing Gardens LLC

Contributor: Missy Matheny



Light crispness on the outside of the nugs 90%
Strong smell of sugar and grapes 100%
Touch of sweet cookies in a mild aftertaste 100%
Dry mouth and made my eyes burn 90%


Ad description 0%
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THC 21.24%
CBN 0.1%
CBD 0.14%

b-Caryophyllene 10.7 mg/g Limonene 9.6 mg/g
a-Humulene 2.6 mg/g b-Pinene 1.4 mg/g
Ocimene 1.4mg/g

Phantom Cookies comes in both indica and sativa strains. The original Phantom Cookies is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Breeders took the original Phantom Cookies and crossbred it with a hybrid of Bay 11 and Platinum Cookies. This produced the indica-dominant hybrid. The second strain with the same name showed up around 2013 and was bred by Grand Daddy Purple Seeds of California.

Appearance 4.5/5
Two large buds made up the eighth that I purchased, with each being almost equal in size. The buds were dense, with just a light crispness on the outside of the nugs. Dark red hairs curled and twisted all over the buds making the emerald green flower underneath look even brighter. A coating of crystals made them very sticky, and if the buds hadn’t been so dense and heavy, they probably would’ve stuck to my skin.

Aroma 5/5
The batch I received was quite fragrant. Just by opening the container, I was greeted with a strong smell of sugar and grapes. With a deep breath, I could almost taste candied fruit in my mouth. It was so delicious I wanted to pop the buds straight into my mouth to see if they tasted as good as the fragrance suggested. There was a little hint of pine trees as well, but it just added to the candied fruit aroma.

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Taste 5/5
My first taste was so smooth, I could barely tell I had taken a hit off my piece. The grape aroma transitions to the flavor wonderfully, with a touch of sweet cookies in a mild aftertaste. I’m not talking grape flavored candy here. This strain tasted like I had just bitten into a perfectly ripe sweet red grape and then taken a bite out of a sugar cookie immediately after. The flavors complement each other nicely, making this strain a delight to smoke.

Effect 4.5/5
This strain had me couch-locked in less than one bowl. My body completely relaxed and melted into my seat while I giggled over cartoons until my eyes were so heavy, I had to crawl into bed. This strain did give me a bit of dry mouth and made my eyes burn a bit more than other strains. I woke up a little tired and needed extra coffee the next morning after using this strain before bed. I am a bit sensitive to indica strains though.

Product price: $25 per eighth

I found this strain to be great for body relaxation, couch activities, insomnia, headaches, muscle pain, and headaches. I feel Phantom Cookies is a great strain for the end of the day. I think newer and veteran users will enjoy the delicious smell and taste of this strain as well as its indica effects.
The buds were pretty, with the red hairs being what caught my eye. The aroma and the taste were both so mouthwateringly wonderful. I’m very fortunate that smoking herb has no calories because I’d weigh a lot more with strains like Phantom Cookies on the market. Smoking a bowl was smoother than silk, and with a candied fruit taste, I could smoke this strain all day long. The indica effects, on the other hand, make this an end of the day strain for me, with the effects putting me to sleep after a little round of the giggles.
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Address: 275 South US-395, New Washoe City, Nevada 89704
Phone number: (775) 451-7290
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm, Sunday 10am-5pm

Sol Dispensary is located in lush Washoe Valley between Reno and Carson City Nevada. This dispensary boasts something unique for this area, they grow the marijuana on-site in a large greenhouse. They promote using natural sunlight and organic soil, with the control of growing indoors.
I was very excited to try their products, and maybe catch a glimpse of the greenhouse, but it was better than I could have hoped for.
After checking in, which went very quickly, I was told I could grab some coffee or water while I waited, and I was buzzed through a door. The first thing I saw was the greenhouse viewing area. They have a large set of windows that lets guests see firsthand the marijuana crop that is currently growing. Walking through a long wide hallway to the budtender counters, there are the products available on display lining the walls. They also have merchandise available, but it’s less prominent than things like the trophies they have displayed for winning Cannabis Cup competitions. There were several trophies, and Sol seems to pride themselves on the quality of cannabis they produce.
There were a few people in the dispensary, but no wait when I finally approached the counter. I will admit I lingered at the greenhouse viewing area for a while and took my time looking at the product that was displayed as I walked to the counter. This place was very open, and it felt welcoming. Every staff member I talked to was friendly and eager to answer any questions I had. My budtender was very informative, and we talked at length about the greenhouse. Sol has a rewards system much like other dispensaries in Northern Nevada based on points earned for purchases, but they also offer birthday specials, and rewards catered to how the customer makes purchases. They also have a regular sale where a customer can mix and match four eighths for $100 bucks. I love variety in my herb, and I’ve been wondering why other dispensaries don’t offer a mix and match deal. I recommend checking this place out, just to see the beautiful flowers while they grow.

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