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Pie Hoe

Strain: Pie Hoe by Tryke

Producer: Tryke

Contributor: Asia Mayfield

Pie Hoe
Pie Hoe PreRoll and Packaging
Pie Hoe and Packaging


Alluring green color streaked with vivid oranges 40%
Whiffs of a fruity smell 50%
The sweetness is mellowed by musky overtones 40%
Chill, relaxed effect 50%
Helps with
Insomnia, serious pain relief


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3400 Western Ave,
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone number: (702) 475-6520
Hours: 24 hours a day  

The women of Spearmint Rhino beckon on my left. Bright lights from the Las Vegas strip gleam to my right. The dank, heavy smell of strong cannabis permeates the air. I am at the Reef Dispensary.

Reef is the perfect party spot. Its’ gigantic warehouse commands attention. Ignore the clock and get stoned whenever you want; Reef is open 24-hours a day.

The set-up is absurdly simple. Walk inside, get your I.D. scanned, and stand in line. A team of budtenders man a row of cash registers against the back wall. Reggae music pours from the speakers.

Feel free to sample CBD creams while you wait.

Reef is the retail arm of Tryke, a cannabis grower and manufacturer. A lot of their product is grown on the premises. This gives them a lot of control over their prices, resulting in wonders like a $6.50 one-gram pre-roll.

The budtenders at Reef have a trendy, knowing air. Their aura exudes confidence. Smokers can feel comfortable asking them questions because they feel sure that the staff will know the answer.

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Locals and veterans get an automatic discount once their information is in the system. Customers earn points for every transaction. Build up enough and you can use them to knock down the price of your bill.

Strain: Pie Hoe
Ahh, Pie Hoe. With a name like that, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would color would the buds be? What would it taste like?

Appearance 4/5
Think about grabbing a pre-roll joint instead of a typical gram. Here’s why: you’ll save money! If a stoner wants to smoke using a bong or pipe, crack open the joint.

The ground-up flower is a soft, alluring green color streaked with vivid oranges and hints of brown.

Still, Pie Hoe isn’t the flashiest strain.

Aroma 5/5:
Pie Hoe, grown by Tryke, is a meld between Grape Pie and Tahoe OG. Discerning cannabis consumers will be able catch whiffs of a fruity smell. Thanks to its OG heritage, the buds have a nice, grassy scent as well.

Flavor 4/5
If only it tasted like pie.
There’s nothing wrong with Pie Hoe. In fact, 30 years ago, I would have been the coolest kid in the dorm if I whipped out a nug of Pie Hoe during smoke sessions.

In today’s world, however, Pie Hoe tastes a little...blah. It’s too easy to find a great strain. I’m spoiled.

Pie Hoe has an almost grape-like taste. The sweetness is mellowed by musky overtones.

Effect 5/5
A puff of Pie Hoe is a great addition to a lazy weekend. The powerful indica strain boasts 22% THC. It produces a chill, relaxed effect that makes me want to sink into a comfortable spot on the couch.

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It’s great for pain or insomnia. I felt the high creep over my limbs like a slow burn.

Pie Hoe hits like an indica. The high is felt deep in the bones. It’s the perfect strain for cold nights in front of the fire. We tend to hold on to the day’s stresses in our muscles. If an individual finds themselves having an awful day, their body might feel beat up too. Pie Hoe is the antidote. These are the buds they’ll want to try if they need serious pain relief.

Pie Hoe by Tryke will stick in any stoner’s thoughts. Remember that tasty, sweet-smelling weed you tried with your friends in Vegas? You will if it was Pie Hoe. This is why Reef is so popular. Their in-house, Tryke, produces stellar strains.

A beginner could easily become enchanted with Pie Hoe. The top-shelf buds make everyone feel good - plain and simple. The risk of succumbing to the THC-anxiety associated with sativa strains is very low. Feel free to fill your lungs with Pie Hoe, newbies.

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