Pink Rozay pre-roll

Strain: Pink Rozay pre-roll

Producer: Cookies

Contributor: Doobie Dragon



white transparent paper and a blue branded Cookies filter is secured at the end 80%
Smell a warm and fruity scent 60%
The taste is a mixture of light semisweet and herbal flavors 80%
Hybrid one gram pre-roll produces a mixture of physical and mental effects 80%

THC: 23.23%
CBGa: 01.66%
CBG: 00.22%

Terpene Profile
Myrcene: 8.9 mg/g
Limonene: 2.1 mg/g
𝛃-Caryophyllene: 3.0 mg/g

Cookies created the Pink Rozay Cannabis Hybrid strain from the cross of Indica Lemonchello 10 and Indica Dominant Hybrid Lemon Pound Cake #75. This strain often has high THC percentages averaging at 25%. According to most consumers of Pink Rozay, it has a wonderful fruity taste and aroma… 

Appearance  4/5
The shredded Pink Rozay flower is wrapped in white transparent paper and a blue branded Cookies filter is secured at the end. The yellow-green flower is finely chopped without any presence of seeds, sticks, or stems. The signature blue and cursive C of the Cookies Brand covers the tube of the pre-rolled joint. There is a holographic sticker that says “Cookies verified” and ensures that I go the real deal. Likewise, there is a marijuana product warning, terpene profile, and cannabinoid profile printed on the packaging.

Aroma  3/5
When I pop the seal of my Cookies container, I can smell a warm and fruity scent from the joint within. When I sniff the joint directly, it smells more like ammonia, or what many smokers refer to as a cat piss smell. There is also a tiny hint of spice from the 30 mg/g of 𝛃-Caryophyllene in the Pink Rozay pre-roll. Although the aroma of Cookies Pink Rozay Hybrid pre-roll is predominantly fruit and sweetened with a mix of herbal and funky characteristics.

Taste  4/5
I spark my Cookies Pink Rozay doobie with my dragon’s breath and the taste is a mixture of light semisweet and herbal flavors. The taste of the Hybrid Doobie is fairly faint, but the fruit tastes from the terpene profile are undeniable. The Myrcene adds mango tones just as the Limonene influences the flavor with its floral citrus taste. Furthermore, there is an awesome blend of uplifting and mellow effects from the high. I can feel the Caryophyllene’s spicy properties in my throat, but they do not irritate me enough to make me cough.

Effect  4/5
Just as Cookies promised, the Pink Rozay Hybrid one gram pre-roll produces a mixture of physical and mental effects. Initially, the high boost my mental fortitude and makes me feel energized. I bet the 2.9 mg/g of Limonene in Pink Rozay is responsible for these uplifting effects. Soon the cerebral effects are molded with the pain-relieving effects of the other terpenes. Both Myrcene and 𝛃-Caryophyllene have the ability to reduce pain and inflammation.

Product price: $14.50

I recommend the Pink Rozay pre-roll produced by Cookies to be smoked before watching a movie because of its ability to increase focus and make one cozy in a chair. In my opinion, smoking the entire pre-roll in one session may be too much for a first-time smoker. However, the experienced cannabis consumer will enjoy the ride from Sativa to Indica effects while smoking Cookies Pink Rozay pre-roll.

The one gram Pink Rozay pre-roll was my first experience with the Cookies brand, and I was not disappointed with the Hybrid flower. I paid $14.50 for this doobie from Essence Cannabis Dispensary, and I enjoyed the sweet taste and spectrum of effects in the high. Now I’m interested in sampling other flower products from the Cookies brand.

Address: 2307 S. Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas NV 89101
Phone number: (702) 978-7591
Hours: Hours: 8 AM – 8 PM

I skated down Las Vegas Boulevard until I reached 2307 South Las Vegas Boulevard, and arrived at Essence Cannabis Dispensary. When I hopped off my board and strode toward the door, my perspective caused me to believe that there was no wait to enter. I realized there was an extensive line when I approached the entrance and saw at least a dozen people in the queue on the other side of the building. 

All the guests in line, including myself, were wearing masks and saying prayers that we would make it inside before closing of the facility. I arrived approximately at 7:35 PM with confidence I would purchase my ganja goods before 8 PM, when Essence stopped operations for the day. Perhaps some of my fellow line standers were ignorant of the Nevada marijuana laws or were bold enough not to fear the consequences because multiple people lit up joints and blunt to pass the time. To my amazement, I observed a patron leaving the dispensary, entering his car, and then lighting up a doobie without hesitation. He then proceeded to operate the vehicle down the Las Vegas strip with the joint hanging out his mouth.

Eventually, it was my turn to pass the threshold of the neon green weed shop. Two security officers worked in concert to facilitate the line inside and maintain social distancing. I signed up for the new High Riser Customer Loyalty Program after I checked in with the clerk using my driver’s license. Another hired guard escorted me into the dispensary, and I immediately pathed to the automated teller machine. The budtender was surprisingly efficient and remembered my long order of items after one recital. I was excited to buy a Cookies one gram Pink Rozay pre-roll for $14.50 because I have yet to sample a product for this brand.

2307 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada

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