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Rose by Acres

Strain: Rose

Producer: Acres

Contributor: Asia Mayfield

Rose Acres
Rose Acres Packaging


Pale green color with streaks of brown and yellow 50%
Smells so good 50%
Deliciously, floral 50%
Prepare to smile when you smoke Rose 50%


Ad description 0%
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2320 Western Ave,
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone number: (702) 399-4200
Hours: 24 Hours 

Acres Cannabis looks like a millennial bar. It’s trendy. Eye-catching.

I went at 5:00 a.m. on a lonely Wednesday morning. Yes, you can buy weed 24-hours a day here. Welcome to Las Vegas!

The lobby is outfitted with plush velvet chairs and leather couches. After a somewhat lengthy check-in process, I was ushered into the main dispensary.

The owners really paid attention to the decor when they designed this place. Dispensaries tend to look a little sterile. That’s not the problem here. Acres is alive with personality.

Their process is familiar. You wait in another line until a budtender is ready for you. A sampling of their products is on display. Eclectic artwork is framed on the walls.

If the regular Acres dispensary doesn't have anything appealing, you can come back on Friday or Saturday between 11am-7pm for the Underground. It’s a cannabis farmer’s market where you can find amazing deals.

Both the vendors and the deals change every week. You’ll have to go if you want to see what’s on offer.

Now let’s talk about the weed.

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Strain: Rose by Acres

I have a confession to make.

I’m a weed snob.

Gone are the days of shuffling to a random basement or barely lit alley to buy a nug. Even the pickiest weed enthusiasts can get their fix now.

Searching for the most delicately balanced hybrid on the market? You can find it. Interested in a heavy indica that will help you sleep? It’s for sale.

There’s so much stellar bud on the market that it’s hard for any particular strain to stand out.

Unless it’s Rose by Acres.

Rose is incredible. My mind was thrown after the first puff. What is this? I had to take another puff just to make sure I wasn’t mistaken.

Rose is strong. Potent. Sticky-icky. Think of all of the nice things you can say about a strain and they probably apply to Rose. It’s that good.

Appearance 5/5 
Rose is a pale green color with streaks of brown and yellow. When it’s ground up, it looks like fall on a plate.

It’s hard to judge a strain by its looks. Flashy things like purple hairs rarely correlate to bud quality. However, pretty weed is more fun to smoke.

Also, you can often see the trichomes glazed all over the flower. These are the glands that secrete terpenes and cannabinoids.

The trichomes add a slight sheen to the ground up weed.

Rose is a very pretty strain. Its name fits its appearance and aroma. It would be difficult for a cannabis strain to look any better.

 Aroma 5/5
I’m almost ready to start wearing Rose by Acres perfume it smells so good.

The scent is like a mix between crushed rose bushes and strawberries. It’s both sweet and earthy at the same time.

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The smell is very alluring. It doesn’t slam into your nostrils, nor does it waft by unnoticed. It’s perfectly subtle. A novice smoker might not be able to appreciate how wonderful it smells.

Rose is part of their premier line. Cannabis enthusiasts search endlessly for strains like this. It’s better than a bouquet of flowers. Your partner might be happier with a gram than 12-dozen roses.

Flavor 5/5
Does it taste like a rose? Who knows, I’ve never tried rose petals.

I know that it does taste faintly, and deliciously, floral. The soft, candy-like tones are even stronger. The inhale is so smooth that it’s almost as though you’re smoking a vape pen.

A puff of Rose is like taking a tiny bit of dessert. It’s sweet and indulgent.

There’s also a bit of muskiness mixed in with the flavor. People who generally don’t like the taste of cannabis may like Rose. Its’ taste isn’t overwhelming although it’s rich with cannabinoids.

Honestly, Rose tastes so good that it could be used in homemade edibles. If you’re not a culinary superstar, anything you make is going to retain the flavor of the buds. Tastier weed will yield tastier treats.

If you want to really enjoy Rose’s subtle taste, try taking a hit from an ice bong. Either fill the bong bowl with ice or put your bong in the freezer for a few hours. When you smoke a bowl, it should be noticeably smoother.

 Pre-roll or Gram

Rose is usually stocked as a gram or a one-gram pre-roll. Smoke the pre-roll when you’re in the mood for a joint, obviously, but you can also get the pre-roll if you want to smoke a bowl. Just tear it open. This is useful if you want to smoke but you don’t have a grinder.

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Effect 5/5
Prepare to smile when you smoke Rose.

It produces a happy, silly high that’s perfect for giggling with your friends. The strain has a 70/30 indica to sativa ratio. The sativa adds a little kick, so you’re not completely couch locked.

Rose is testing at a full 28.6% THC. It’s thick with myrcene and Beta-caryophyllene as well, coming in at 3.08 mg/g and 3.99 mg/g respectively.

Research into Beta-caryophyllene is limited but it suggests that it offers pain relief. Myrcene is thought to be anti-inflammatory. So, if you’re sick or in pain, see what Rose can do.

Or if you just want to have a good time. Rose is a mood-lifter.

Acres Cannabis is in an area that’s choked with popular dispensaries and it still manages to hold its own.

Rose by Acres is so good that I’d buy it even if it was sold from a hole in the ground. Acres’ swanky surroundings are just a nice touch.

Rose is a popular strain. Buy it fast when you see it on the menu. It’s often only available in gram and one gram pre-roll options.

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