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Roze by Tryke

Strain: Roze

Producer: Tryke

Contributor: Asia Mayfield

Roze By Ttryke
Roze By Tryke Packaging


Few purple tendrils 100%
Slight flowery smell 80%
Roze is tasty! 100%
State of relaxed energy 100%


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Appearance 5/5
Stoners clamor after purple weed. Everyone loves it. The dullest strain is revitalized by the appearance of a few purple tendrils. Roze got its name from its tendency to produce buds covered in purplish, reddish bristles. Grind up the buds and the bright colors will snake through the pile of green weed. All you’ll want to do when you see it is load up a fat bowl or two. How can you resist? There might be prettier strains than Roze on the market, but I haven’t found them.

Aroma 4/5
Roze falters a bit with its scent. The smell is powerful and strong but it is not as complex as it could be. There are only a few different notes for you to tease out. A slight flowery smell combined with a flat, earthy scent. It is reminiscent of a freshly plucked plant. I can’t give the aroma a perfect score because it is a little boring. Once you get a whiff of Roze, you don’t really feel compelled to get another one. The strain won’t stand out to you if you have smelled a lot of weed before.

Taste 5/5
Roze is tasty. There is no other way to put it. When you smoke a puff, you will be tempted to let the hazy smoke linger in your throat so you can get a fuller sense of the taste. The complexities that are nonexistent in the aroma come out full force in the flavor. Roze has a distinctly floral undertone, but it is not sweet or fruity. The floral notes compete with a nutty, almost chemical taste. Each puff develops the flavor more and more. It is enticing because it is so unique. It is difficult to think of a strain that tastes exactly like Roze.

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Effect 5/5
Roze is testing at 22% THC. Its heady effect is due more to the entourage effect than the THC alone. All of the cannabinoids and terpenes nestled in the trichomes work together to exert a powerful effect on your entire body. As the smoke leaves your lungs, you will be left with an overwhelming sense of calmness. The sativa-inspired effects of the hybrid won’t be felt until a few moments later. This is a deliciously, slow-burning high. After you smoke a puff, you will be fit to take a nap or run errands. You will be in the perfect state of relaxed energy. You can easily push yourself if you feel like being active or you can nestle into a quiet spot and spend the day lounging about and feeling good.

Medical patients naturally gravitate toward Roze. The strain can provide relief for a long list of problems. Roze might be particularly helpful for people suffering from anxiety problems. It can make your body and mind feel relaxed enough to appreciate social stimulation. Some strains make you want to go hide in a corner by yourself after smoking. Roze triggers the opposite response. You will want to connect with your friends.

Roze buds produce a satisfying high. The hefty dose of THC is enough to inspire euphoria while the impressive terpene profile interacts with your body on a deeper level. When most people think about getting high, they imagine a strain like Roze. The buds are loaded with the ideal amount of THC. The tiniest bit more potent and you are verging into serious stoner territory. Any less and the buds would be too mild to appeal to a THC-lover. If you are going to hang out with your weed-loving friends, bring a Roze joint. It is almost as much of a social lubricant as the champagne version of Rose. 

Roze by Tryke Citral recreational prices (taxes NOT included): 1g ($13.00)

3400 Western Ave,
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone number: (702) 475-6520
Hours: Open 24 Hours

Nobody knows where Roze by Tryke came from. The strain’s parentage is obscured by a hazy mist. Despite this, the mysterious hybrid is wildly popular. Tryke is Reef’s own brand. The Tryke strains tend to be a little more affordable than comparable ones from other growers. Roze, however, is one of their top-tier strains. It earned its position with its colorful, alluring appearance and strong taste.

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