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Sequoia Strawberry

Strain: Sequoia Strawberry

Producer: BaM

Contributor: Asia Mayfield

BaM Sequoia Strawberry


Pretty Strains 100%
Delicious 80%
Taste like strawberries 80%
Energetic, Happy, Motivated 100%
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Strain: Sequoia Strawberry by BaM
I am a Sequoia Strawberry by BaM convert. I nearly passed it over. Its THC level isn’t remarkable and the buds are fairly plain, but I am so glad that I changed my mind. Sequoia Strawberry is delicious. The inhale is so smooth you almost feel as though you are vaping even if you use a pipe or bong. You don’t have to worry about a harsh taste clinging to your lungs.

Intrigued? Let’s dive in.

Appearance 5/5
The buds are like a shy girl at a nightclub. Compared to the other strains on the shelf, Sequoia Strawberry doesn’t demand your attention. Weed lovers are drawn toward pretty strains. These nugs are attractive but they are a little plain. They are a dull green color with hints of brown and orange. Each bud is studded with glinting trichomes. Good-looking weed is fun to smoke. But the correlation between a strain’s appearance and its effects are almost non-existent. The thickest, densest nugs could be almost devoid of terpenes and cannabinoids. Sequoia Strawberry nugs are small and sticky. It is a popular strain among growers because it grows quickly and produces an incredible yield, which means there should be no trouble finding it.

Aroma 4/5
Ahh, don’t you love the smell of freshly ground weed? If you do, prepare to be pleased with Sequoia Strawberry. The whole, untouched buds don’t have a particularly strong smell. A faint fruity aroma is noticeable if you search for it. It is hard to pick out an individual fruit scent. It doesn’t quite smell like strawberry. But it does smell sweet. Beneath the sweetness is the musky scent usually associated with cannabis. Your room won’t smell like a fruit farm after sparking up Sequoia Strawberry. It also gets its scent from its main terpenes: limonene, B-caryophyllene, and humulene. Each one contributes to Sequoia Strawberry’s effects. To really enjoy Sequoia Strawberry’s scent, grind it up. That will release the pungent oils locked within the buds.

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Flavor 4/5
You would think it tasted like strawberries. And it does. Almost. Sequoia Strawberry doesn’t have a very strong flavor. The musky, earth tones are overwhelming. You need to smoke a few puffs before you’ll able to suss out the strawberry undertones. The smoke is sweet and light. It is less fruity than you might expect, however. The good news about the mild flavor is that it doesn’t leave much of an aftertaste. Sequoia Strawberry is a fantastic strain to make weed edibles with. Pot brownies are tastier if you use tasty weed. BaM also manufacturers Sequoia Strawberry vape oil cartridges. If you are interested in the strain but want to be as stoned possible, try a vape pen.
You will likely forget about Sequoia Strawberry’s flavor two seconds after you are done smoking it. This isn’t a bad thing.

Effect 5/5
Sequoia Strawberry produces a happy, giggly high that is perfect for social situations. Instead of crawling into your shell, a few puffs of these buds can help you feel more outgoing. The strain is a potent combination of White Strawberry and White Nightmare. The energy jolt you receive from smoking it can be expended on chores, errands, going to the gym, etc. A boring task can be transformed into something exciting with the help of Sequoia Strawberry. You might feel energetic, happy, and motivated. Sequoia Strawberry’s THC content is neither high nor low. It’s testing at a solid 22%. Very high-THC weed can get you so stoned that you have trouble speaking to the mailman. Sticking with super low-THC strains doesn’t help most recreational users because that is what they are looking for, THC. You won’t get buzzed if there is not enough THC. 22% THC used to be considered a high amount. Now that legitimate grow houses and laboratories are pumping millions into growing new and better strains, 22% is only slightly above the median.

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Cultivate is a trendy, well-designed dispensary that’s conveniently open 24-hours a day.

Go smoke a bowl of Sequoia Strawberry by BaM. It is a delectable little strain that will add a bit of pep to your mood. So much attention is being paid to weed’s medical benefits that sometimes people forget that smoking can just be about having fun.

3615 Spring Mountain Rd,
Las Vegas,
NV 89102
Phone number: (702) 778-1173
Hours: Open 24 Hours

Cultivate is gorgeous. A lot of Las Vegas dispensaries are oddly sterile. Walking inside feels as though one is entering a chiropractor’s waiting room rather than a dispensary. It can be a bit jar-ring. So it was refreshing to see Cultivate’s dark walls and stylish features. If they cleared out the display cases, they could turn the space into a nightclub. I went to Cultivate on a windy weekday morning. I was practically alone in the store. The receptionist was extremely friendly. Before entering the main part of the dispensary, you have to enter your information into a computer. You will be signed up for their rewards program as well. Once you become a “Cultivator” you will get some extra perks. Not enough to write home to mom about, but enough to make the five-minute signup worth it. A customer get points for everything they buy. The exact benefits are hard to pin down because they are constantly running fresh promotions (i.e. 40 points for a free ⅛, or double point day for all purchases).
My budtender was as personable as the receptionist. The menu is easy to read and diverse. When a dispensary is slow, I have noticed that the staff generally fall into one of two patterns. Either they are a little lazier than usual or they give you extra attention. The Cultivate budtender fell into the latter camp. I only purchased a gram but I never felt rushed. I had time to really explore the menu.

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