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Welcome to the end of pot prohibition and the beginning of sustainable hemp-derived healthcare.

Not only can you cop the best buds from Curaleaf in Las Vegas Nevada, but now you can also buy their products over-the-counter across the nation. This is due in part to the recent merger of Curaleaf and Acres Cannabis. Responsible for Nevada’s 269,000 square feet of cultivation centers, Acres Cannabis will now begin expansion projects to include 400,000 square feet of cultivation centers. The deal cost Curaleaf $70 million in cash and stock to aquire Acres Cannabis, but it is a done deal.

Soon the seamless integration of Curaleaf’s medical cannabis and hemp wellness operations across America will be crystal clear. No matter where you are, you can purchase Curaleaf products from a local dispensary, cultivation site or CBD retailer. Curaleaf Hemp customers already know that the hemp-based over-the-counter medications will soon take over the pharmaceutical industry and Curaleaf is currently a leader in the cannabis industry its growing presence is felt. With 42 brick and mortar dispensaries operating in 12 states, 12 cultivation centers and 10 processing cites, the brand is on the frontline of cannabis legalization with research and development. Leading the way with a standard of quality and care for cannabis, Curaleaf has numerous projects in the works including the development of Curaleaf Hemp.

Curaleaf’s Continuing Growth in Cannabis and Hemp
Recent reports indicate that Curaleaf is one of the most lucrative cannabis companies around. Demonstrating revenue growth of 209% year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter, the brand is responsible for $77.1 million in revenue for 2018. You may also want to note that getting in on the green rush yourself may be as easy as becoming a Curaleaf investor. Fourth quarter revenue was reported at $32 million and is estimated to only continue the trend throughout 2019. While last year was marked with substantial growth, the brand only continues to capitalize this year with the recent shift of over-the-counter medications and the end of hemp prohibition.

Key expansion opportunities are expected to highlight 2019 as California, Nevada, Maryland, Ohio and other areas of the nation continue to adjust to progressing legislature. Additionally, the CBD line under Curaleaf Hemp will make the presence of their high-quality products more well-known and populated in the cannabis community.

Neil Davidson, Chief Financial Officer of Curaleaf, added, “Curaleaf’s rapidly growing footprint is a direct result of our strong capital position, scaled operations and ability to strategically acquire assets that augment our existing platform. We remain focused on our path to profitability and positive cash flow, while maintaining a prudent use of capital to pursue acquisitions and organic growth initiatives that position us as a leader in the industry for the long term.”

Looking forward, Curaleaf has plans to continue their growth in these three ways:

  1. Acquiring licenses in limited markets
  2. Establishing a presence in current markets
  3. Growing exposure with mass markets

Should I Invest in Curaleaf?
The future of cannabis and hemp is bright. Not only in your state but all across the country as well as the globe, the end of pot prohibition is finally here. But the work has only begun. The impressive fiscal results of the last few years is the beginning of profitability. Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. (CSE: CURA) (OTCQX: CURLF) is currently the leading vertically integrated multi-state cannabis operator within the United States. It’s revenue is not only stunning stockholders but it is also shocking the cannabis community as a national brand establishing its presence with a reputation of quality and consistency.

Is Curaleaf a company reliable enough in profitability to make an investment? Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. managed revenue growth of 302% from the fourth quarter of 2017 to 2018. With recent changes in national legislature releasing CBD and other hemp-derived compounds from agricultural prohibition, this year may be even more impressive.  

Introducing Curaleaf Hemp Products
Currently, US legislature allows hemp farmers to grow the plant sky-high for industrial and medicinal purposes. Check out the Curaleaf Hemp product line. Here are just a few highlights:

  •     CBD Transdermal Patches for pain relief
  •     CBD for pets (drops/tincture)
  •     Disposable CBD Vape Pen
  •     CBD Topical Moisturizing Lotion
  •     Energy-boosting Tincture Drops

We can all look forward to the deal Curaleaf recently did with CVS Pharmacy to begin selling their brand of hemp-derived products in 800 of their stores. The distribution deal releases all of the Curaleaf hemp lotions as well as their transdermal patches for pain relief and muscle relaxation on 9,800 store shelves.  

“All large retailers are figuring out their hemp strategy and will address that in 2019 because there is such a huge product demand,” Curaleaf CEO Joseph Lusardi.

Curaleaf Product Review – 5 – Star Mendocino Purps

This is the first time I have taken the time to really notice the complexity of the profiles within this strain. The color is deep yet bright purple, rich with dark and light greens along with a pop of orange and red hairs. Terpene flavors in Mendo Purple engage your palette. Breaking down the flower, I noted an immediate release of the terpene flavors including pine and caramel. Then after burning it, I captured more Earthy tastes like coffee and woods.

Mendocino Purps

The medium thick leaves of the plant offer the green hues that are said to change in color over the course of the growth cycle, leaving it purple. Originally, this clone-only strain was developed through BC Bud Depot. As a stable cross hybrid, “The Purps” seeds are now available to private growers and those in the Northern California territory of Mendocino County, where the purps originated. This cannabis strain is one I will come back for. The sweet aftertaste and grounded resonating body relaxation plus the uplifting aftertaste and good mood is ideal for any situation.

5-Star Review for Curaleaf Mendocino Purps
Overall, I had to give this strain a 5-star review. I loved the grounded yet bright flavor profile and the pleasing colors indicative of purps. The noticeable body high was deep enough to offer the full effects of what I consider a chronic strain. However, unlike some stronger indicas this hybrid earns it’s reputation as a Cannabis Cub winner and Mendocino county awarded seed. I expected a legendary purple herb and I was not disappointed. May be best for nighttime use.

Bottom line: Mendo Purps is a 5-star strain.

NOTE: The high of Mendo Purps can be traced back through its genetics of an Indica parent plant known as NAM, or North American Indica. If you are not used to smoking purple varieties or strong indicas, you may need to test and review the smoke at home when all the pressure of your day is gone. The grounded effects of this indica dominant hybrid upholds the reputation of its namesake. Try Mendo Purps, for a noticeable body high with relaxed effects and an uplifted, happy mood.

Leading the Medical Cannabis Initiative for U.S. Military
Curaleaf Holdings’ multi-state cannabis operations is a highly-populated company taking hold of research and development. Curaleaf’s research capabilities currently offer the leading services for selection and accessibility across both recreational and adult-use medical marijuana markets. Further, the CBD category is also holding a solid place within the Curaleaf Hemp brand.

One of the ways Curaleaf gives back to the cannabis community is through research products. One such project known as the Veterans Cannabis Project is dedicated to granting cannabis access for U.S. military veterans. Currently, active duty soldiers are not allowed to use medical marijuana however, those given access to Veteran Affairs (VA) benefits including healthcare can take advantage of the medical marijuana program specifically designed for U.S. veterans.

Also known as the STATES Act, the federal cannabis reform bill would offer United States veterans a shot at using medical cannabis for treatment. Legally, this option is not allowed and the alternative offered to treat PTDS (post-traumatic stress syndrome), brain injury, as well as chronic pain and other health problems. Research and a change in legislature could change all of that and today, Veterans Health Administration doctors still cannot allow cannabis medications to over nine million veterans who get their healthcare from the federal government VA directly. As congress works to pass the STATES Act, we urge you to support the efforts.

Veterans Cannabis Project

Support Curaleaf and the Veterans Cannabis Project by picking up a pack of the custom pre-roll product. Available at dispensaries across the nation, $1.00 of every Veterans Cannabis Project Pre-Roll will be donated in efforts to improve the quality of life for U.S. veterans. You see, Congress still needs to make the necessary changes to veteran healthcare plans allowing medical cannabis in VA (Veteran Affairs) facilities. Currently NO Veteran Affairs Health Care Clinic provides medical cannabis to its patients!

Visit a Curaleaf Dispensary to purchase a pack of Veterans Cannabis Project pre-rolls. When you get lit, you can know you also burned one for the Veterans Cannabis Project and helped support the health and wellness of a veteran. So, don’t forget to share this article on social media to spread the word about cannabis companies that give back.

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