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Strain: S’morez

Producer: Tryke Gold Label

Contributor: Michelle Flores

Tryke Gold Label S’morez Review December 2019 NLV Reef Dispensary
Tryke Gold Label S’morez Review December 2019 NLV Reef Dispensary
Tryke Gold Label S’morez Review December 2019 NLV Reef Dispensary
Tryke Gold Label S’morez Review December 2019 NLV Reef Dispensary


Spicy scent 60%
Stronger sweet taste 40%
Very quick hitting effect 80%


Ad description 0%
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S’morez is an indica-dominant hybrid that comes from Sunset Sherbet and the Exotikz Sherbet strains. It is from Tryke Cultivation and there is not much information available for this strain unfortunately due to being a private label brand.

Appearance 4/5
S’morez has light, airy buds that are a brighter green in color with brownish-orange hairs throughout. The trichomes are milky white, giving S’morez a frosted appearance. It is easily broken up by hand and does not leave any sticky residue behind. It is a visually appealing strain that entices the user to consume.

Aroma 3/5
This strain has a sweet smell to it, despite the high caryophyllene content which would lead one to believe it has more of a spicy scent. It also has that fruity undertone one would expect due to the Sherbet lineage. The scent of S’morez is a little weak and would be easy to store for the more discreet user. Overall, it has an intriguing aroma that makes one want to experience a stronger smell of it.

Taste 2/5
When consuming S’morez, it has a very harsh hit that makes it difficult to discern any subtle flavors. There is a stronger sweet taste that is similar to the scent it gives off, that just overpowers the harshness that is felt. There is not much of an after taste to this strain probably because of the initial harshness that is experienced. If this strain was not so harsh, it would be great for a dessert session.

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Effect 4/5
S’morez has a very quick hitting effect. It starts as a light head high and transforms into a relaxing body high. This is a lighter indica strain that alleviates pain quickly without inducing that overly sleepy feeling. I was relaxed, but not enough to fall asleep. It did help quiet my mind from the day's events to be able to fully enjoy the effects. S’morez helped me to be in the moment but without the focused drive of a sativa. It did not lead to wanting to eat everything in sight like other indicas have a tendency to do.

I would recommend this strain for lazy days where one does not need to be productive but still responsive and aware of the surroundings one is in. It would be a good strain for new users as S’morez isn't an overwhelming feeling for first time use, especially as an indica. First time consumers should expect the harshness though if they have not tried any other strains. Experienced users will appreciate the lighter scent, making it easier to store without the scent permeating the room.

Overall, S’morez is a good strain to have on hand to quickly relieve pain without causing too much sleepiness. However, it can be fairly harsh hitting, so it is not the ideal strain for all around use. It is worth the try for new and experienced users if they want to try a sweeter tasting strain.

1370 W. Cheyenne Ave,
North Las Vegas 89030
Phone number: 702-410-8032
Hours: 24 hours 

NLV Reef Dispensaries
Reef Dispensaries has a beautiful website where I was able to view products before purchasing. It was very easy to navigate. I received a text message when my order was ready for pick-up, and there is a 4 hour window to do so. On this visit to Reef, the shared parking lot was fairly packed for being early in the afternoon. There are many other businesses in the shopping center, which do take up space for those visiting the dispensary.

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When I walked in there was a security guard outside the entrance and multiple security guards at the check-in station, with one handling check-in of recreational users and patients. Reef has an open layout where one can enter one line to speak to a budtender or browse other available products such as grinders, cones, and apparel. The other line was for medical patients and online orders that have budtenders behind glass. I was able to enter the pick-up line with no other patients or recreational users waiting, so I was able to approach the window immediately. The budtender took my ID and was able to find my order quickly. He did answer questions that I had regarding my purchase, and the transaction went smoothly. I was in and out of the dispensary in a matter of minutes due to the staff's efficiency at filling orders correctly, and the budtender's ability to answer questions without searching for an answer.

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