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Strawberry Pie Preroll

Strain: Strawberry Pie Preroll

Producer: Tryke Platinum

Contributor: Akil Evans



Preroll is finely ground 80%
Smells like fresh-baked Strawberry & Creme Pie 80%
Refreshing flavor 70%
Very effective and feel super calm 80%
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Tryke Platinum: Strawberry Pie - 1 gram Preroll - Hybrid
THC: 23.18%

Terpene Profile
Myrcene: 5.51 mg/g
Caryophyllene: 1.16 mg/g
Limonene: 0.98 mg/g

Tryke combines its delicious desert strains, Cherry Pie and Strawberry Cookies, to produce a saccharine hybrid strain. Strawberry Pie offers earthy and chemical fuel-like tones in addition to the fruity and pastry and notes it offers in the flower. The terpene profile's myrcene dominance indicates that this strain will lean on the indica side of the hybrid spectrum.

Appearance 4/5
The verdant shake inside the preroll is finely ground, like a four on an espresso machine. The weed is not powder, yet it's difficult to determine what is a pistil, calyx, or leaf.
The flower has a fuzzy aesthetic because of the trichomes covering every aspect of the shake.
The sleek grey preroll tube simply states Tryke Platinum Label, and a barcode sticker indicates the strain is Strawberry Pie. Thankfully, Reef provided the lab results with a separate piece of paper.
I would love to believe the brown paper is hemp because of its translucent.
The "W" shape cardboard filter also has the Tryke logo I printed on it
The joint seems to be twisted at the end by human hands, and there is a diamond grid framework in the paper.

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Aroma 4/5
I squeeze the childproof cap on both ends to unleash sweetened scents. I'm impressed because the aroma is able to reach my nose through the preroll wrap before I even withdraw the joint from the container. There is an undeniable funky mango scent from the large portion of myrcene in the terpene profile that powers through with a hint of pineapple. The aroma's freshness and fruit tones smell like the now discontinued McDonald's fresh-baked Strawberry & Creme Pie.

Taste 3.5/5
The first inhale from the joint gives me a fresh feeling. The refreshing flavor is different from the usual mint and herbal taste, but it does remind me of fresh greens. Generally, it's pleasant and easy to chief because the smoke so smooth. Something about the flavor reminds me of the aftertaste of an inhaler. I'm also reminded of the Mukhwas, an Indian and Pakistani after-meal snack made from the nuts of fennel, anise, coconut, coriander, and sesame used to freshen breath and aid in digestion. Strawberry Pie's smoke also makes me imagine tasting a woodwind musical instrument reed.

Effect 4.5/5
After approximately four inhales of my Strawberry Pie preroll, I start to feel a mix of physical and mental effects. I feel a tingly feeling in my legs. Slowly a peaceful feeling starts to envelop my body, and I feel grounded as I travel to a Zen state. The high relaxes me, and I feel super calm. The relaxation does not lull me to sleep, but I definitely won't be going out to run a marathon.
I feel metabolism increase, and my appetite has decreased.

Product price: $13.00

I recommend this Strawberry Pie preroll to weed warriors looking to recover after leaving the battlefield. Whether one's war ground be a cubicle or a construction site, Tryke Platinum's Strawberry Preroll relieves physical discomfort and puts the mind at ease. The preroll allows one to easily spark up and unwind after the grind. However, beginners may find the relaxation debilitating.

I am truly grateful I finally made my return to Reef Dispensary. I was shocked by the quick and thoughtful service and welcomed by the loud stench of reefer that rivaled the location's high volume rap music. I think $13.00 is a reasonable price for this full gram of Tryke Platinum' Strawberry Pie, considering its 23.18% THC and relatively high myrcene count.

3400 Western Ave,
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone number: (702) 475-6520
Hours: Open 24 hours 7 days a week 

Reef Dispensary. I believe every day is a new beginning. As long as I'm alive, I have another chance to make my dreams come true or change the direction of my life. Still, I cannot help but fall into the trend of reevaluating my personal goals and motivation as 2019 comes to an end and 2020 approaches. Lately, my visits to the same four or five dispensaries close to Downtown Las Vegas have become uninspired. Thus, I decided to break the monotony and return to a dispensary I have not visited in years! This time when I found my weed stash dry, I navigated to Reef Dispensary on the Las Vegas Strip.

I reviewed Reef's menu prior to my arrival and was fascinated with the dispensary diverse fruity strain selection. Reef offers dozens of products I have yet to try or see at other dispensaries. Although it's been over two years since I visited this location, I remember the store being densely populated. In addition, my previous visit seemed to last an hour, with the majority of my time being spent waiting. However, that did give me a chance to admire the photos and signatures of the legendary tokers that have also visited Reef, including Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Berner, and Willie Nelson. It should be noted that Wiz and Snoop appear multiple times in different photos separately.
However, this visit was the antithesis of the first because of the nonexistent line, quick transaction, and affordable prices. I copped the Strawberry Pie produced by Tryke gram for only $13.00. I chose this product solely on the deliciousness the name promises. Bailey, my budtender, approved my selection as a high-quality product and handled my transaction swiftly with great hospitality.


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