Top 5 Best Beginner Rosin Presses to Use

Contributor: Mark Bishop

Today, we’re going to talk about the top 5 best beginner rosin presses to use. First of all, if you don’t know what rosin is and what exactly a rosin press is, don’t worry we’ll cover this and we’re going to explain all about this topic. 

What is Rosin?

Rosin is an oil extracted from cannabis flowers or hash, maybe kief using only heat and pressure. Rosin oil usually has a translucent and sappy texture/caracter. You may wonder how rosin is extracted from cannabis flowers and well, two heated plates are pressed on both sides of parchment paper that presses cannabis and this will give us sweet, delicious rosin oil. Rosin oil is gathered by the parchment paper.

What is a Rosin Press?

A rosin press is a machine that is necessary to create rosin oil. A rosin press will provide you with the three most important factors to have rosin oil. These are pressure, heat and time. A rosin press balances these three components together and this leads us to rosin oil that is a superior product. It’s very important for rosin presses to control the heat, since too much heat won’t lead to any oil, but not enough heat won’t lead us to anything either. Rosin presses are made to balance the heat, and find the perfect temperature. They also balance time and the force of the pressure, so we can have unbelievably amazing products in our hand.

DIY Rosin Press

How can we create a rosin press? They are so expensive and they are built professionally so no one can copy them. The thing is, as simple as it may sound, before rosin presses, people used a simple hair straightener. Yes, you heard it right! You can use a simple hair straightener to produce some rosin at an affordable cost. Since a hair straightener uses all of the 3 most important components which is heat, pressure and time, it will be perfect for our intentions which is creating rosin oil. Of course it’s not going to work like a one thousand dollar rosin press, but you can definitely quickly produce some delicious rosin oil. This is because a hair straightener usually produces around 300 degrees F, which is unfortunately too high of temperature for rosin oils. To reduce this heat, you can use the hair straightener with a clamp, this will also increase the amount of pressure you can put on the cannabis flower. Pressing flower rosin is not only about hair straighteners though, so let’s move to some serious presses.

Personal Manual Rosin Presses

For amateurs out there, manual rosin presses are perfect if you want to produce some quick rosin oil. Personal manual rosin presses are producing the pressure that you’re providing. They usually have a hand crank that you will have to use to generate pressure. These presses are usually slower, smaller, less powerful, and they are perfect to produce rosin oil for personal use only. Their prices are also much more affordable. They are often made of solid steel, which is pretty heavy, but still they can produce 2 tons of pressure. 

Personal Electric Rosin Presses 

These presses are still new to the market, but we can proudly say that they work well without putting any effort into them. You just plug them in, put the flower in, and wait. It’s beginner friendly which means it’s easy to use and very simple. These machines are also crafted from solid steel and they usually produce 900 MPSI of pressure. 

Commercial Hydraulic Rosin Presses 

These machines are the most popular ones out there. They increase efficiency and the production level too, but this is obvious since a machine like this is pretty expensive. They can produce 25 tons of pressure which is absolutely incredible compared to the other ones that we checked out earlier and still they are made out of solid steel. 

Commercial Pneumatic Rosin Presses 

These commercial pneumatic rosin presses are very similar to the hydraulic presses. The only difference is that pneumatic presses require an air compressor. These machines are the most professional ones in the whole rosin pressing industry which is still unbelievable. What people love about them is that they don’t require oil and you can have a way better control over the pressure. They produce 5 tons of pressure and can produce heat from 0 F all the way up to 300 F. You can set it anywhere between this range. 

Commercial Hybrid Rosin Presses

These presses are the latest ones and companies just released them! Hybrid presses are the most reliable ones out there and it’s safe to say that they are the best ones so far. These new presses are operating primarily hydraulic, but they can use electricity, or your own power using a hand pump. Also, let’s not forget that we can use them pneumatically too. That’s why they are called hydraulic presses. These presses are often used by companies, since they are the most effective ones and powerful ones out there. They debuted with 20 tons of pressure and with a frame made out of solid, heavy, pure steel.

What Rosin Press should you buy?

If you still didn’t manage to choose a rosin press, then you should look into your perspective. How much money do you have and how much are you willing to spend on a rosin press. Also consider if you want it for only personal use or if you want to start a company. 

If you just plan to make some personal rosin, then you should stick with the most simple and affordable ones, or you can try doing it with the hair straightener. If you take things more seriously and you want to start a company and produce a lot of rosin, then you should buy a hybrid or a hydraulic Rosin Press. These can produce the most rosin and they are the most effective in today’s market.

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