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Venom OG

Strain: Venom OG

Producer: Redwood

Contributor: Jeremy “Bearded Guy” Johnson



Perfect shade of bright green 100%
Very strong lemon scent 100%
Truly a mouth-watering OG strain 100%
Venom OG is a very heavy strain 100%


Ad description 0%
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Venom OG
Venom OG is an indica-dominant hybrid that was created by crossing Rare Dankness with Poison OG. It is a strain that was made popular by the Youtuber Push Trees. Venom OG is a very potent indica-dominant hybrid that is known for helping relieve a wide variety of ailments, including pain, anxiety, and sleep disorders.

Appearance 5/5
Venom OG by Desert Grown Farms is an excellent specimen. It is the perfect shade of bright green. It has a huge helping of trichomes that are caked onto the buds. The nugs are shaped like small Christmas trees. There a few tiny purple leaves but very few. The orange hairs protrude from the buds and mix with the white calyxes nicely. Venom OG is a gorgeous strain. Each bud feels super dense, and they are still perfectly moist.

Aroma 5/5
Venom OG has a very strong lemon scent. It smells like sugary lemonade on a hot day. This is a very pungent strain with a very earthy citrus aroma. It's skunky and sweet while being earthy at the same time. This strain smells like some of the best OG strains I have ever smelled. It smells like a really strong batch of Lemon OG. This strain truly smells exquisite. It is one of the top five best strains I have smelled in Las Vegas.

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Taste 5/5
Venom OG definitely lives up to the hype. This strain tastes like lemon cannabis candy. The smoke is super smooth, and this plant was flushed perfectly because it doesn't burn my throat at all. Venom OG is truly a mouth-watering OG strain. It's a skunky flavor that has a mildly sweet aftertaste. Every time I lick my lips after smoking, I get the lemon flavor all over again. How does the Venom OG taste? It tastes like perfectly cured OG Kush.

Effect 5/5
Venom OG is a very heavy strain. This is a strain that is very heavy on the couch-lock feeling. It's a very sedating high that has a mild head high mixed with it. I was very stressed after work, and Venom OG distressed me very quickly. It's a euphoric high with a nice body buzz. The body high helped alleviate my lower back pain and helped me relax. The high lasted much longer than most other strains.

Venom OG is a strain I would recommend for evening or night time use. It is great for cannabis users that need help relaxing and/or sleeping. The strong indica-dominant high will keep the user calm and help them get some restful sleep. This is a strain that would not be good for day time use because of the strong sedating effect.

1112 S. Commerce St.
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone number: 702-776-4144
Hours: Open 24 hours 

Thrive Cannabis Marketplace has several locations throughout metropolitan Las Vegas. I went to the location in the Arts District. The facility is pretty large and sits off the road about a ¼ mile. The front desk clerk wasn't very welcoming, but they were really busy. The showroom is decorated with a big neon sign on the wall that reads "STAY LIT." The rest of the walls are adorned with black and white picture of old Las Vegas. There are approximately eight stations for budtenders to help customers. There is reggae music playing, which is not only appropriate for the showroom, but it also creates a very mellow vibe. The budtender explained all of the daily deals and asked if I had any questions. I asked, "Is the Venom OG all its hyped up to be?" He told me that yes, it is, in fact, an amazing OG strain with a great flavor and a very strong, sedative-like high. After he showed me a few other strains, He explained that they have a rewards program for returning customers, and they offer a discount for locals. They didn't do any medical discount, which was a bit disappointing, but they made up for it with friendly service. The store was very clean and organized. After picking out my products, I waited for the cashier to call my name. Once my name was called, I paid for my cannabis, and the cashier told me I was given an extra 200 reward points for being a medical patient. I thanked her and headed out the door.

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