Wave Glyder Infused pre-roll

Strain: Wave Glyder Infused pre-roll

Producer: Nuleaf

Contributor: Asia Mayfield



Nuleaf’s pre-rolls are packaged in thin black plastic tubes 60%
Peaceful smell of middle-of-the-road weed. 60%
Weedy taste that I associate with generic bud 60%
I feel calm, content 60%

THC: 50.07%
Linalool: 1.8mg/g
Limonene: 2.8mg/g
Caryophyllene: 4.8mg/g

Strain or Product

Nuleaf operates a thriving in-house grow room. The Wave Glyder infused pre-roll comes from this brand. So, I expect quality. The terpene profile lacks anything worth mentioning but 50% THC is a juicy amount. Wave Glyder is a mysterious strain that’s bubbled up in the past few years.

Appearance 3/5
Nuleaf’s pre-rolls are packaged in thin black plastic tubes. The pertinent strain information is printed on a small label wrapped around the top. The joint itself is fat, brown. It’s clearly been packed by an expert. Tear open the paper if you want to reveal the pearly green weed within.

Aroma 3/5
Wave Glyder’s name brings me to the ocean. The flower itself is duller. Infused pre-rolls are made up of finely ground weed mixed with bits of concentrate. In this case, the concentrate doesn’t add anything to the aroma. I smell the vaguely familiar, peaceful smell of middle-of-the-road weed.

Taste 3/5
There’s a bland, weedy taste that I associate with generic bud. That’s exactly that flavor I get with Wave Glyder. Same old, same old. The smoke is gritty, with a harsh beginning that never quite goes away. I’m not sure a new smoker would like this flavor. It needs to be softened.

Effect 3/5
I feel calm, content, ready to dive into a good book. The flower isn’t dysfunctional. It works as expected. Smoke a puff, get high, rinse, and repeat. The problem is that with this much THC packed into the pre-roll, you expect a stronger hit. This may as well have been plain flower rather than infused bud.

Product price: $20

Infused pre-rolls usually induce the eyes rolling in the back of your head kind of high. Wave Glyder, however, feels mild. The high is pleasant but it lacks the force you expect with 50% THC. This makes the pre-roll a good bet for people who want to graduate to stronger weed but aren’t sure about taking the plunge.

Nuleaf’s Wave Glyder infused pre-roll isn’t the most spectacular bud on the menu. There are danker options for you to indulge in. That being said, if someone waved the pre-roll in front of my face, I’d never turn it down. My biggest complaint is that the weed is too plain, there’s nothing obviously wrong with it.

Address:430 E Twain Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89169
Phone number:(702) 297-5323
Hours:  10am to 8pm daily


Nuleaf isn’t the biggest dispensary in town. There’s nothing about its setup that screams “look at me!” Yet, it’s still one of my favorite spots in town. It’s the diverse menu, low prices, and gorgeous interior that got me through the doors before the coronavirus hit. Now that social distancing is encouraged and Nuleaf offers free delivery, I’ve found new reasons to fall in love.

Talking to budtenders is fun, but having amazing weed delivered to my front door is even better. Blame my generation. Everything is accomplished through a screen and it’s better this way! Ordering weed used to be an ordeal. I know stoners who spent entire days trying to replenish their stash.

Now? Three hours after I placed the order with Nuleaf, it was at my door. The interaction with the driver was brief. Usually, they take a picture of my ID but this guy skipped that step. Maybe because I order all of the time. I handed over cash, he handed over my weed, and that was that. Nuleaf is always prompt about letting you know when the driver is close by, so you’re always prepared. The driver won’t give you cash, but you can use your card.

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