Space Monkey

Strain: Space Monkey

Producer: Tryke

Contributor: Asia Mayfield



Areen popcorn buds 60%
Aroma is a slight earthy scent 60%
Boiled grass sweetened with river mud 60%
I expected a harder hit 60%

Strain or Product
Space Monkey by Tryke is a mid-tier strain. You’ll find dozens of cheaper and more expensive strains. It has a decent terpene profile and an above-average amount of THC. You can pick up a pre-roll or some bud. Let’s break down what you need to know.

Appearance 3/5
Move along folks, nothing to see here. These are the standard green popcorn buds that you’re used to. The greenish-hue is relieved by streaks of golden yellow. Each bud looks fluffy, but the appearance is misleading. The flower crumbles to bits at the slightest pressure. I’m left with dry, powdery bits of green wedged under my fingernails.

Aroma 3/5
It smells like someone is cooking garlic pepper chicken next door. Each note in the aroma is distinct, but faint. Girding the succulent, flavorful aroma is a slight earthy scent. I could pick out the terpenes in this weed with my eyes closed, no need to look at the label. The spicy kick is typical with strains with a lot of caryophyllene.

Taste 3/5
It smells like chicken dinner, but it doesn’t taste like it. The flavor lacks any distinguishing spice. It tastes like boiled grass sweetened with river mud. The best thing I can say about the flavor is that it doesn’t last very long. It rests on your throat for three seconds or less before fading.

Effect 3/5
You’ll get high, you’ll probably like the experience, but it won’t be memorable. Space Monkey delivers a standard, middle of the road high. If you’re not picky about your cannabis experience, this will hit the spot. I’m enough of a stoner to need a little more juice. 27% THC is a high amount, but I didn’t feel it. I expected a harder hit.

Product price: $14.50g

Space Monkey is a sweet, forgettable strain. It’s great if you want to get high but don’t need to do anything in particular. A bowl of Space Monkey goes well with a night on the couch in front of your TV. Your mind can drift in and out of focus while you laze about.

Do you need to rush to Reef to pick up Space Monkey? Meh. There’s nothing wrong with the weed, but there’s nothing particularly great about it, either. Of all the weed to grab in Vegas, there’s no need to make a special trip for Space Monkey. If you’re already at Reef and feel like spending $14, there are worse options you could end up with.

3400 Western Ave,
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone number: (702) 475-6520
Hours: 12 a.m. - 12 a.m. daily

Reef is my old reliable; the dispensary I can fall back on if I can’t figure out where to go. I’m crazy; I’ll flit across Las Vegas in search of bangin’ weed deals. But, if there’s nothing going on, I end up at Reef. Their day to day deals are nothing spectacular, but they usually have an inexpensive pre-roll or two for sale. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to score a decent one-gram pre-roll for $6.25.

In case you couldn’t tell by their massive strip club-row warehouse, Reef is one of the biggest players in town. Most of their flagship location is dedicated to their grow operation. Reef’s in-house selections are sold under the Tryke brand name. You can find everything from $17 a gram Khalifa Kush to $8 a gram Cherry Pie. Quality loosely correlates with price. You can get what you need whether you’re a weed snob who prioritizes quality, or a casual smoker looking for the best deal.

Reef’s process is quick. Give your ID to the security guard then stand in line immediately. You can flick through a paper menu, or browse through shelves of smoking gear and CBD tchotchkes while you wait. A crew of budtenders waits along the back wall of the dispensary. If you can’t be bothered to wait, you can order pick-up online. You’ll be able to skip the line when you show up and head straight to the pick-up window.

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