Amazing Recipe For THC-Infused Rocky Road Squares

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THC Infused Rocky Road Squares

Author: KC Scannell
Course: Dessert
Keyword: Infused, Marijuana, Squares, THC


  • 1/3 Cup Cannabis-Infused Butter
  • 4 Cups Marshmallows (Halved)
  • 2 1/2 Cups Milk Chocolate Chips
  • 1 Cup Peanuts (Unsalted, Roasted)
  • 1/2 Cup Cherries (Glazed)
  • 1/2 Cup Coconut (Toasted)


  • 8” x 8” Baking Pan
Ice cream. It’s pretty dang great, right? I mean, to be completely honest, in my humble opinion, I’d say that ice cream is amongst the top (if not the top) when it comes to desserts. And one of the things that make ice cream so amazing is the variety. Not only in medium (ice cream cone, sandwich, etc.), but in flavor. There are seemingly endless options when it comes to picking out a flavor profile of ice cream. And the innovations just keep on coming. I feel like I’m seeing new combinations of flavors and fixings every single time I’m cruising through the frozen section of my local grocery store.
These THC-Enriched Rocky Road Squares Will Blow Your Mind
Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for creating all sorts of wacky new flavor pairings. I love it, even. But I don’t love it nearly as much as I adore the classics. Sure, mint chocolate chip is good. Hell, even “Chunky Monkey” can get an honorable mention. But, if I had my way, the only ice cream that I’d enjoy for the rest of my days on this tiny blue marble would have to be, the unbeatable Rocky Road.
I’m not quite sure how to explain my infatuation for this amazing flavor, it’s just…amazing! Seriously. The combination of flavors and textures all play so well off one another, it’s hard to stop eating scoops and scoops of this stuff. I don’t think it gets much better than some good old fashioned Rocky Road. Well, at least, that’s what I thought.
Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you’re sitting down for this, ‘cause I have BIG news.
I’ve found a way to combine Rocky Road and cannabis. Yes, I’ve figured out a way to make THC-Infused Rocky Road Squares, and I couldn’t wait to share the recipe with you. These babies are insanely good – and twice as potent. But, before we even start to talk about the ingredients, I must mention the vital importance of cannabis-infused butter needed to make this dream a reality.
For those who are unaware, I’ve thoroughly explained the various ways to make cannabis-infused butter on your own, at home, in a different recipe. And before you get any further in this piece, I strongly suggest you give that aforementioned recipe a “once-over.” It expertly details how to decarboxylate your flowers, and how to combine them with your choice of butter.
But, if you’re like me, laziness tends to play a major role in your everyday life. No worries. Dispensaries are famous for keeping a litany of different cannabis-infused butters on hand at affordable prices. And, trust me, when you use butter that’s expertly made by professional cannabis chefs, it really kicks your infused dishes up a notch – or ten!
Anyway, once you’ve either made or bought yourself some cannabis-infused butter, then (and only then) can continue on with this recipe. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Just let me know when you get back.
Oh, hey! Didn’t hear you come home. Below is a quick list of ingredients you’ll need (along with your “butter”) to complete this super simple, super scrumptious recipe for THC-Infused Rocky Road Squares.


  • Nice! Once you’ve assembled all of those necessary ingredients, roll up those stoner sleeves, and head into the kitchen!
  • We’re going to want to start nice and easy with this recipe. The first thing you’ll need to do is grease that baking pan with about a tablespoon of cannabis-infused butter (give or take, depending on your tolerance). Just be mindful to only use a fraction of your intended dose on this part, because you’ll want the majority of it for later in the recipe – trust me.
  • Now it’s time to melt that yummy chocolate.
  • Grab a microwave safe bowl, and dump your chocolate chips into it. Then, throw that baby inside the microwave, and nuke that sucker on medium heat. Only keep it in that environment for 30 seconds at a time, though. Chocolate is fickle, and it’ll take repeated 30-second intervals to ensure that your chips are properly prepared. Be sure to keep stirring the chips until they are all the way melted. And don’t worry, when they’re melted all the way through – you’ll know.
  • At this point, pick up the remainder of your cannabis-infused butter and add it into the newly melted chocolate that you just removed from the microwave. Also, be sure to fight any temptation you may have to drink this bowl. I know it looks amazing, but keep it together, the end result will be worth it, believe me.
  • The same process you used to fully melt the chocolate, repeat with the bowl full of cannabis-infused butter and chocolate. Again, stirring is crucial. You’ll want to evenly distribute that potent cannabis-infused butter amongst the chocolate. Doing so ensures that every bite will pack a sweet, little punch of THC.
  • When that combination of greatness is expertly mixed together with one another, grab that batch of halved marshmallows and pour them in the mix. Also, this is the time where your cherries, coconut, and peanuts can join the flavor party, too. Be mindful about stirring in every single ingredient to really get those intricate flavors mixing and mingling with one another perfectly.
  • After you feel like you couldn’t possibly do any more stirring, take that bowl of dreams, and pour it onto your previously greased baking pan.
  • Then, place that pan of awesomeness into the fridge and let it kick it in there until it’s good and firm. Once it’s reached that desired consistency, you can feel free to remove it from its chilly confines, cut it up, and dish out to all of your stoner friends.
  • Or, just chow down on them by yourself. I mean, if anyone deserves a treat, it’s you.


But, that’s basically the entire recipe. From start to finish, this entire procedure shouldn’t take you more than an hour. This makes it the perfect last-minute treat to prepare if you spaced out and forget you invited some friends over for the big game. Also, not for nothing, but these treats are a perfect way to round out a quiet night of binge-watching shows with your significant other.
I’ve made a plethora of cannabis-infused items in my day, but these are amongst the best I’ve ever created. They capture my nostalgia in the most delicious way. So much so, it’s damn near impossible to accurately describe in words. Also, it’s opened the door to so many other ice cream inspired possibilities, I can barely wrap my head around it. These THC-Infused Rocky Road Squares are unreal, and I can’t wait for you to try out a batch of your own the next time you’re craving a sweet, cannabis-enriched treat.
So, to all my fellow stoners (and ice cream lovers) out there, if you’ve got some time, a stove, and a passion for all things Rocky Road, these delectable little morsels are the perfect thing to make when you don’t have anything else to do but sit back, relax, and get good and stoned.
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