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Animal Face

Strain: Animal Face

Producer: Tryke

Contributor: Missy Matheny



Thick and crispy nug 80%
Sweet mint with just a touch of diesel 80%
Chocolate-flavored strain 90%
Felt lighter, with a total relaxation 90%
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Animal Face 27.87% THC
27.87% THC
0.08% CBD
Myrcene 7.62 mg/g
Limonene 3.32 mg/g
Caryophyllene 10.93 mg/g

Animal Face is a high-level THC sativa-dominant hybrid strain. With THC levels ranging from the higher teens to the upper 20s, this strain is known for its strong euphoric effects. Bred by crossing Animal Mints and Face Off, both strains known for their potency, with Animal Face created to build on that potency.

Appearance 4/5
A dark mossy green, with some orange hairs trying to make an appearance. With a layer of crystals that were almost a golden honey color, making the nugs dark and vibrant at the same time. The buds I received were thick and crispy, and the nugs varied in size from just smaller than my fingertip, to about the size of a peppermint candy. With a little pressure, they crumbled apart easily, leaving a light sticky resin on my fingers.

Aroma 4/5
The batch I received had a very light aroma to it. I had to put the container close to my face to even get a hint of the fragrance. A light sweet mint with just a touch of diesel barely noticeable with even deeper whiffs off the jar. Once burned, the mint is really the only fragrance that comes through. It was just so light, and I would have loved it to be stronger.

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Taste 4.5/5
Animal Face was very smooth, with a nice sweet mint flavor. Almost like mint ice cream, with only the chocolate taste missing. A touch of diesel is kind of noticeable but didn’t really show up until the end of the bowl. The flavor is stronger than the aroma but in the most delightful ways. With the sweetness being the most prominent taste. I think this strain should be cross-bred with a chocolate-flavored strain, but it's very delicious on its own.

Effect 4.5/5
I couldn’t finish a bowl on my own. Within the first couple of hits, this strain had my head in a straight haze. My thoughts slowed tremendously, my body felt lighter, with a total relaxation of both after a few minutes. For me, this strain hit hard, and I think the indica side hit a bit harder than I was expecting. I did not smoke again for several hours, and the wear off from the effects made me kind of tired.

Product price: $14.50 per gram

I used this strain as a wake and bake, but I only recommend using this strain for that on lazy days. I feel this strain will work well for body aches, headaches, anxiety, and depression. I feel veteran users will appreciate the potency of this strain, and newer users should take it a little slow with this strain.

Address: 5105 Sun Valley Blvd Bldg 1, Sun Valley, Nevada 89433
Phone number: (775) 238-3145
Hours: 8am-12am Everyday 

Reef Dispensary is located off Sun Valley Blvd. in Sun Valley, Nevada. They currently have two locations in the Reno-Sparks area, with the other store located in Sparks. They do seem to cater to tourists with a fair amount of merchandise available with the store name on it. This is a little odd for this location, as Sun Valley doesn’t really have much of a tourist area. However, this location does cater to locals as well. With a 10% discount for anyone with a local ID. They also have what they call “Industry Day.” Once a week, anyone with a food handlers’ card, casino ID, or other local hospitality service ID can receive 20% off their purchase.
There is always a security guard right inside the door who checks ID, and the budtenders are in full view from the moment the guest walks into the building. I frequent Reef occasionally, the staff is usually friendly, and this time was no exception. My budtender listened to my requests and filled my order with a smile and pleasant small talk. He offered recommendations and was very knowledgeable of the products that were available.
One of the things that sticks out about this dispensary is they have a drive-thru. I’m not sure if it’s just for preordered pickups, or if a person can just drive-thru and make their order. I do intend to try it the next time I make a purchase at this dispensary.
Pro Tip: They give customers a bag for free on their first purchase. After that, they charge for their bags in an attempt to get their customers to reuse them.


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