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Apple Gummy Barrels

Strain: Apple Gummy Barrels

Producer: Cowboy Cannabis

Contributor: Michael Walker



Nicely packaged 100%
Light Chemical 20%
Sour apple flavored 20%
Mind Wandering 60%
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Cowboy Cannabis is a western-themed cannabis company. They offer many different products, including disposable vape pens. The Apple Gummy Barrels come in a black can with a silver horseshoe on it. Each gummy has 10MG of THC. There are 10 gummies in each pack.

Appearance 5/5

Cowboy Cannabis did a great job on the packaging and look of these gummies. The black can has a silver horseshoe, and it says Cowboy Cannabis on it, in silver. The can looks like a chewing tobacco can. The gummies are bright green. Each gummy is the shape of a whiskey barrel. The green gummies really contrast nicely with the black and silver can. The gummies are nicely wrapped in parchment paper to keep them from sticking to the inside of the can.

Aroma 1/5

The Cowboy Cannabis Apple Barrel Gummies have a funny scent. It is very light, and it's hard to describe. It smells more like a chemical than apples. It has almost no smell at all except for the chemical smell. The smell makes me think these might not taste so good. I don't think it's the can they are in, I think they just smell weird.

Taste 1/5

The flavor of the Cowboy Cannabis Apple Gummy Barrels is similar to sour apple flavored hard candy. The flavor is decent, but the aftertaste is bad. They have a plastic taste to them. The initial flavor is artificial sour apple. It's a pretty generic flavor. I have had a lot of candy in the past that taste just like these. The flavor isn't anything special, really. I just wasn't impressed.

Effect 3/5

About an hour after eating two gummies, I started to notice the effect. First, I notice my mind starting to wander. I was trying to watch television, but my mind started wandering off into strange places. Then I noticed my body felt very heavy. I was relaxed but still quite aware of my environment. The body high was nice but only seemed to last about 45 minutes before it wore off.


Product price:$24 for 10 x 10mg 

I would recommend the Cowboy Cannabis Apple Barrel Gummies to new cannabis edible users. They are light enough that they won't overwhelm a first-time user. I would suggest starting with one, wait an hour, and see how you feel before trying another one.

I liked the packaging and the look of these gummies. The taste was ok, but the aftertaste killed them for me. I didn't like that they leave a burnt plastic taste in your mouth. Overall, I was pretty disappointed because the high was so short. I would like to try a different flavor and see how that works out.

Address: 1235 Paiute Circle Las Vegas Nevada
Phone number: 702-844-2707
Hours: 24 hours a day 7 days a week

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace is a giant facility. It looks like an executive office from the outside. The entire building is covered with black, tinted windows. The parking lot is gigantic. They have more than enough parking. NuWu has a drive-thru for people that wanna make a quick pit stop to get their cannabis. I walked in the front door, and the security guard asked for my identification. After he verified my age, he allowed me into the store. The entire store is lined with display cases. Each display case has different cannabis products in it. NuWu has a wide variety of products. This is the largest amount of different cannabis products all in one place in the world. They have everything you can think of as far as cannabis products are concerned. My budtender showed me a lot of different products. He showed me so many that I got kind of overwhelmed. I told him I was looking for gummies today, and he said I should try the Cowboy Cannabis Apple Barrels. He says they have been really popular. I browsed a few more minutes. I looked at three different flavors of shatter, and some cannabis drinks. I like to try the things the budtenders suggest, so I decided to go ahead and try the Cowboy Cannabis Apple Gummy Barrels.

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