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Caramel Brownie

Strain: Caramel Brownie

Producer: Vert

Contributor: Asia Mayfield



You feel tempted to take a bite 100%
Scent of freshly made cakes 100%
Plump, rich brownie drizzled with caramel 100%
Blissful, relaxed state 100%


Ad description 0%
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Caramel Brownie
Vert’s line of cookie squares really stands out amongst its edible peers. They’re incredibly popular, so you can find them at most dispensaries in town. The caramel brownie cookie square didn’t have to do much to appeal to me. Caramel + chocolate + THC? Yes, please!

Appearance 5/5
It looks like a bakery brownie. It’s a thick square, with the top covered in a caramel and chocolate drizzle. You can see how moist it is before taking a single bite. The brownie fudge looks wet, as though it has been dipped in water. Simply looking at Vert’s cookie square will make you feel tempted to take a bite.

Aroma 5/5
You know this smell.
It’s the aroma of fudgy cookies baking at Grandma’s house, the scent of freshly made cakes wafting from a slightly ajar bakery door. You can’t smell the cannabis at all. But, in all honesty, that is a good thing. I would much rather have an infused brownie that smells like a Nestle creation over a concoction that smells like it was baked in a grow room.

Taste 5/5
Listen up, folks. This brownie is GOOD. Mouthwateringly, tantalizingly good. If you ate chunks of Vert’s caramel brownie with your eyes closed, you would have no idea that it was infused with cannabis. The grassy taste associated with edibles is nonexistent. Instead, you bite into a plump, rich brownie drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauce. It was truly divine.

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Effect 5/5
Talking about edibles is tricky. There’s no guarantee that the blissful, relaxed state I entered will happen for everyone. When (and how) an edible affects you is dependent on a lot of different factors. Still, I can say that I was immensely pleased with the results after I ate this brownie. Slowly drifting into intoxication is a special feeling, and that’s precisely what I got with this edible.

Product price: $19

Be careful with Vert’s caramel brownie. They’re so good, it’s hard to pace yourself. My intention to eat just a bite or two flew out the window the moment I tasted its sweet chocolate goodness. I ended up eating the whole thing in one sitting. Be smarter than me, break off a serving (or two), then put the rest of the brownie away so you’re not tempted.

The Caramel Brownie Cookie Square by Vert is close to a perfect edible. It’s potent, delicious, and relatively inexpensive. 100mg of THC is infused into a decent-sized brownie. Even picky eaters will probably enjoy this one. If you’re going to pick up your treat at The Dispensary, consider buying three at once. You’ll be able to spin one of the reward wheels, and you’ll be amply supplied with dank edibles.

5347 S Decatur Blvd #100,
Las Vegas, NV 89118
Phone number: (702) 827-4979
Hours: 8 a.m. - 12 a.m. Sunday through Wednesday. 8 a.m. - 1 a.m. Thursday through Saturday  

The Dispensary has a simple, unpretentious allure. It’s located in the middle of the city, convenient for large swaths of residents and tourists. Because of that duel appeal, The Dispensary offers a lot of on-the-spot deals. You don’t need to worry about racking up enough points. Spend a certain amount of money during your visit, and you’ll get to spin one of their rewards wheels.

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You can earn free flower, concentrates, etc. It’s a nice perk when you’re planning on replenishing your cannabis supply. If you spend a lot of money at other dispensaries, you won’t be rewarded until your next visit.

Inside, you’re shuffled into line immediately after showing your ID. The dispensary floor has the same cluttered, zany look of your grandmother’s attic. There are display cases crammed with product, as well as paper menus that you can flip through while you’re figuring out what you want.

I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes here, which is always nice. The budtenders are efficient, working through customers with ease. The vibe in the room is very relaxed. If it were legal, I would definitely spark up a joint in line.

The only drawback is that it’s not open 24-hours. I’m a Vegas kid, a night owl. Sometimes you really need fresh flower at 3 a.m. But, other than that, I’d say this place is the epitome of “top notch.”

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