Daytime Relief 6 Pack Baby J's

Strain: Daytime Relief 6 Pack Baby J's

Producer: Green Life Productions

Contributor: Akil Evans

Green Life Productions Daytime Relief 6 Pack Baby J's
Green Life Productions Daytime Relief 6 Pack Baby J's
Green Life Productions Daytime Relief 6 Pack Baby J's
Green Life Productions Daytime Relief 6 Pack Baby J's
Green Life Productions Daytime Relief 6 Pack Baby J's
Green Life Productions Daytime Relief 6 Pack Baby J's


Flower inside the joints display shades of lime, forest, and mint green 80%
Tangy pine scents 80%
Flavor-sour and funky 80%
The high has delivered a consistent effect and put me in a laid back mood and position in my seat. 80%
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Green LIfe Productions - Daytime Relief 6 Pack Baby J's (preroll 6 pack)
- Sativa - 1.8g


𝛃-Myrcene:16.22 mg/g
𝞪-Pinene:02.40 mg/g
Ocimene:01.65 mg/g

The packaging of Green Life Productions Daytime Relief Baby J’s indicates that the product is a sativa strain. I reviewed the Green Life Productions website, and the Baby J product line is not even listed. I called Planet 13, and the representative wasn’t privy to detailed information about strain either. I contacted Green Life Productions on social media and am still waiting on an answer.

Still, the cannabinoid information and terpene profile provide ample data on the possible effects and flavors I may experience after consumption. Both myrcene and cannabigerol (CBG-a) may reduce pain and anxiety while promoting relaxation without producing psychoactive intoxicating effects. CBG-a is also an anti-depressant. In contrast, THC, the main psychoactive component in cannabis that gives the sensation of being high, is at a top-shelf level of 21.72%.

Pinene is my favorite terpene because of its pine scent and ability to prevent short term memory loss. Ocimene has gained my appreciation lately because of its fresh sweet herb tones. Finally, myrcene is present in mangos and often mimics the tropical fruits flavor.

Appearance 4/5
I appreciate how Green Life Productions' sense of humor is incorporated into the design of the Daytime Relief Baby J’s six-pack container. It mimics the presentation of Altoid’s and even fooled some other shoppers while I was in Planet 13 into believing they were cannabis-infused edibles. Instead of claiming “Curiously Strong Mints,” the box states, “Seriously Strong Minis.” There is brown paper wrap covering the 6 prerolls, just like paper holds the mints that inspired the product. Each joint is rolled with care in hemp RAW papers, and RAW filters are attached to the mouthpiece to prevent inhaling cannabis debris. The flower inside the joints display shades of lime, forest, and mint green. Long orange trichomes poke out of the mound grounded flower.

Aroma 4/5
Tangy pine scents fill up my studio immediately after I removed the sticker label sealing the tin container. When I do my signature nose rub with the joint, the pine scent gives me nostalgia. I’m reminded of walking through the winding paths of the Metroparks forest in my Midwest hometown of Cleveland. Of course, the abundant percentage of myrcene makes itself known in the musky fruity blend of tones picked up by my nose.

Taste 4/5
On the first joint I sparked, two adjectives came to mind to describe the flavor-sour and funky. I was surprised to discover different flavors on the fifth joint I utilized for this review. During the review tasting session, the dominant flavors expressed were refreshing sweet greens. These Daytime Relief Baby J’s have a lowkey mint gum-like flavor that fades away on my tastebuds. Throughout the entire smoke session, I tasted a delicious and light tropical fruit flavor.

Effect 4/5
Despite the varying flavors, the high has delivered a consistent effect and put me in a laid back mood and position in my seat. Daytime Relief Baby J’s terpene profile is myrcene-heavy and offers pinene and ocimene as well. All three of these terpenes have the ability to prevent memory loss. These seriously strong minis boost my confidence by removing any doubt or anxiety. My body feels relaxed, but it is not a deep sedating zen. I’m not sleepy or lazy after the smoke session. My focus is increased, but the mental stimulation is not overbearing.

Planet 13 continues to impress me with every visit, and I can’t wait to see the new additions to come in Phase II. Most of all, I appreciate the ability to decide on whether or not to talk with a budtender. Although, I could not discover which Green Life Productions were designated for Daytime Relief Baby J’s. I’m thankful for the cannabinoid and terpene profile. This product is compact and ideal for when you need to sneak out and take a smoke break.

Address: 2548 W Desert Inn Rd,
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone number: (702) 815-1313
Hours:   Open 24 Hours Daily

This was my first nighttime visit to the cannabis superstore and entertainment complex voted number one Las Vegas dispensary. Poetically, the darkness revealed more of Planet 13’s visual appeal. The wall near the designated rideshare area was the canvas for projectors to stream writing about “size matters” and “welcome to Vegas.” The mist from the iconic Planet 13 waterfall red orb looks even more dope at night.

Amber at the reception desk was very welcoming, and the lobby koi fish pond LED screen caused puddles when I walked across. Two LED screens in the foyer alternated between ads and other weed-related images.

Cynda greeted me in the dispensary retail lobby and explained the Planet 13 order of service. At Planet 13, you can see the “menu” by checking out the various display cases. Moreover, you can speak to a patient consultant or pick up your online order. On this visit, there was a Fireball Whiskey Pop Table offering schwag and product information. That reminded me of the Rickety Cricket Bistro and Pizzeria Craft Beers. Yet, I practiced patience because beverages are not allowed in the retail space.


I researched my products ahead of time, so I could walk directly to the express line. But I decided to take my time and see if the products I desired to purchase were on display. The waiting line for express is a maze of units or buys, including bottle bongs, t-shirts, hats, hemp products, and smoking buddies. Katie, my budtender, was swift and kind and remembered my complicated order that included Green Life Productions Daytime Relief Baby J’s preroll six-pack.

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