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Terpee Slerpee

Strain: Terpee Slerpee

Producer: Desert Grown Farms

Contributor: Jeremy “Bearded Guy” Johnson

Desert Grown Farms Terpee Slerpee Review December 2019 Essence Dispensary
Desert Grown Farms Terpee Slerpee Review December 2019 Essence Dispensary
Desert Grown Farms Terpee Slerpee Review December 2019 Essence Dispensary


Very pretty strain 80%
very strong citrus aroma of spice and pepper 80%
It was slightly sweet 60%
Very energizing sativa-dominant hybrid 60%


Ad description 0%
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Terpee Slerpee
Terpee Slerpee is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that was created by West Coast Sunrise crossing GMO and Orange Zkittles. It's an exotic strain that is known for being a great stress reliever, and it has been used to help people suffering from PTSD. It's known for being a very even mix of indica and sativa as well as having a very high THC percentage.

Appearance 4/5
Terpee Slerpee is a very pretty strain. The buds look like overweight caterpillars because of all the orange hairs all over them. The orange hairs on each bud are unusually long. All of the buds are bright green still moist, not dried out and crumbling like most Las Vegas cannabis. All of the nugs are very dense. There aren't a lot of noticeable trichomes on the buds.

Aroma 4/5
Upon first inhaling the aroma of Terpee Slerpee, my nose picks up a very sweet orange marmalade scent. It's a very strong citrus aroma with undertones of spice and pepper. It smells like orange and lemon peels that have a bit of black pepper and chili peppers mixed in with them. It is a sweet citrus and spice aroma that is very pungent. The scent lingers long after closing the jar.

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Taste 3/5
The taste was of Terpee Slerpee was average. It was slightly sweet, but the overall flavor is very washed out and very weak. The smoke is very heavy, and it burns my throat. I feel it wasn't flushed properly. The burning in my throat lasted for almost an hour after smoking. The lack of flavor is surprising to me considering how strong Terpee Slerpee smells.

Effect 3/5
Terpee Slerpee is a very energizing sativa-dominant hybrid. After a few puffs, I was up zooming around my house. This a great strain for getting things done. It boosted my energy, lifted my mood and creative thinking. It made me a bit jittery, but after 20 minutes, my anxiety calmed, and I was able to focus on the tasks I needed to complete. It didn't increase my appetite at all.

Product price: $25 for 3.5G

Terpee Slerpee is a great strain for daytime use, I recommend it for use on days when you need to stay alert and focused. I would not suggest using this strain before bedtime because it did make my mind race. Users that are looking for a boost in mood will enjoy the effects of Terpee Slerpee by Desert Grown Farms.

I enjoyed the cerebral effects of Terpee Slerpee. It gave me just the right amount of energy boost with very little anxiety effect. I think the flavor was average, but it smells like candy. The mood elevation that Terpee Slerpee provides is helpful if the user is feeling sluggish or depressed.

2307 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number: 702-978-7591
Hours: 10AM-3AM 7 Days a Week 

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Essence Dispensary
Essence Cannabis Dispensary was the first recreational cannabis store on the Las Vegas strip. The neon green lights in front shine like a cannabis heaven, beckoning stoners to come on home. We may be in Sin City, but its a slice of cannabis heaven for potheads visiting from around the world. The guardian angel budtenders will lead you to find just the right pair of wings for you. The environment inside the showroom is electrified by the buzz in the air. The smile on all the budtenders' faces shows how happy they are to be working in a cannabis store. The customers all have smiles on their faces because they know 4:20 comes right when they leave. The buzz in the air is almost intoxicating. There are close to 30 people in line, and all of them seem to be waiting patiently. Luckily I get to skip the line with my medical card. Essence offers several flavors of flowers at $25 an eighth, and I came to check them out.

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