Decisions, Decisions and 5 quick tips to follow

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Even seasoned pot smokers will tell you that a crucial part of being a cannabis connoisseur is knowing how to choose your weed. Does it smell right? What about the taste? Knowing how to spot properly cultivated cannabis is a gift that every weed smoker must perfect.

Today, I am going to share with you 10 things to look for when picking out your pot and storing it properly. Knowing your cannabis is especially important if you are using pot medicinally as different strains offer different effects and treat different ailments.

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 Dispensary employees are there to guide you in your choices but knowing your weed inside and out will ensure an optimal cannabis experience and prevent you from getting taken to the bank.  Whether you are using your flower for recreational use or medicinally to cure an ailment, knowing the ins and outs of your supply, will leave you well on your way to finding your appropriate version of comfortably numb.


A properly cultivated bud can vary in color from dark green to light with golden to red hairs found throughout. Some strains can vary in purple hues as well.

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Fewer leaves indicate more of a, high inducing or ailment treating cannabis.


Cannabis that is fresh, generally has the strongest aroma while old or mishandled flower tends to smell more like grass or mold.

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The flower should spring back when you squish it between your fingers.
It should not be dry. It should be moist enough to still make a cracking noise when you break the stems.

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When you look at the bud, can you visibly see the crystals? If so, this indicates a higher level of potency and will thus bring on a stronger experience.

After picking out your weed, it is very important that you store it correctly.

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Here are 5 quick tips to follow:


Light and oxygen are the two biggest killers of cannabis and its potency. It is important to protect your weed from these factors. To prevent this, store your cannabis in a cool dark place at room temperature or slightly below. The best type of container is air-tight and opaque in color.

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When you store your weed make sure the container, you’re storing it in isn’t too large. It is also very important to get all the air bubbles out of the bag or container you’re storing your cannabis in to preserve its potency.


Since too much oxygen kills the strength of your weed, limit the time you keep your container open and minimize the number of times you open it.


Storing your weed at a temperature that is too high leads to excess moisture that can cause your cannabis to rot or mold. Storing at too low of a temperature will kill the potency of your weed as well.

Medical cannabis marijuana in a glass jar


Storing your cannabis in arid conditions are equally as bad as these conditions will dry out your cannabis and change its taste as well as its effect.

Medical cannabis marijuana in a glass jar

Being able to note these 10 tips when you are picking out your cannabis will ensure that you keep stud status or in the case of medicinal weed, feel a whole lot better. Knowing the traits of healthy pot will also prevent you from being taken advantage of and sold something that should have been thrown out with yesterday’s garbage.

That’s all for today, BUDdies, enjoy the ride, but please keep your arms and feet inside so that it’s a “safe” one!

Lila out.

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