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Why Marijuana Edibles might be the best option for Fibromyalgia pain

Canada’s legalization of weed edibles is another global social experiment

Source: In this article we’ll explore how marijuana edibles can help with fibromyalgia, how to use and make it, and finally some of the best-recommended cannabis strains for treating this condition. Imagine being constantly tired with pain spreading all over your body. Your hips ache, your skin feels bruised and you never know… Read… Read More »

Decisions, Decisions and 5 quick tips to follow

Cannabis Concept Macro Close up Photo Crystals Plant Trichomes R

Contributor: Lila Knows Best Even seasoned pot smokers will tell you that a crucial part of being a cannabis connoisseur is knowing how to choose your weed. Does it smell right? What about the taste? Knowing how to spot properly cultivated cannabis is a gift that every weed smoker must perfect. Today, I am going… Read More »