Former NFL Superstar Unveils Plans To Produce Own Line Of CBD Products

Former NFL Superstar Unveils Plans To Produce Own Line Of CBD Products

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It’s no secret how beneficial cannabis can be.  The healing and therapeutic properties of this game-changing plant are wonderful, with their high level of physical and mental relief.  A few years ago, only a select portion of the population would turn to cannabis in times of recovery.  But now, more and more people have grown wise to overwhelmingly positive aspects of marijuana, and it’s even more therapeutic counterpart, CBD.

CBD, for those who have been living under a rock, is the non-psychoactive medium of marijuana.  Meaning it possesses very little to no THC at all.  These products are tailor-made to help the consumer find some inner peace and outer relief.  The majority of the time, these products are employed when the user has recently undergone some sort of physical trauma or surgery.

And it’s been the main “go-to” for a lot of retired athletes.  However, most current athletes use these products, as well – but they are often caught and penalized for doing so.  This, to me, seems absolutely outrageous.  It honestly makes zero sense when you think about it.

Look, I completely understand banning any sort of performance enhancing substance – especially ones that could potentially affect the health of that player in the long run.  But for these leagues to continually frown upon cannabis consumption is absurd, and frankly, a bit cold-blooded.

CBD is used to heal their often beaten and battered bodies.  But even on an emotional level, it helps the user achieve a more calm, peaceful, optimistic demeanor.  Where, conversely, the consumer may succumb to fits of sadness and depression, brought on by lingering aches and pains.  But with the addition of CBD into their routine, they can rid themselves of this unnecessary pain, and go about their lives as usual.

There’s no “performance enhancing” traits to CBD whatsoever.  If anything, it mellows the consumer out to the point of sleepy sedation.  And I’m no expert or anything, but I doubt that’ll make you a better athlete.  However, if they allow their players to utilize the healing properties of CBD to help with their recovery, they’ll quickly see the average career of a player last longer.

Which makes sense – the quicker you can heal – the more you’ll want to play.  But if aides like CBD are withheld, it only elongates the recovery process, and ultimately leaves them with long-term injuries.  So, really, the banning of CBD is equal parts archaic and moronic.

And players have been saying the same thing for years now.  With some of them even become hardcore advocates for cannabis – which is always awesome to see.  And it appears as though the most recent athletic phenom to come forward with an inherent passion for all things CBD, is none other than former New England Patriots superstar, Rob Gronkowski.

Former NFL Superstar Unveils Plans To Produce Own Line Of CBD Products

“Gronk” retired from the NFL at the ripe age of 29 – which is considered young by most standards.  But there’s been a growing trend of youthful retirements in the league these days – and it’s mainly due to the physical beatings that these players have to endure on a weekly basis.  Not to mention all the studies surrounding concussions and CTE.  In short, there’s a lot of reasons to get out while you still can, so to speak.  And the former Pats player is no different.

This week, Gronkowski announced that he’s going to be joining forces with Abacus Health Products to come out with truly awesome CBD products.  During a press conference, Gronkowski wasn’t shy about sharing his intentions with such a business venture – and it’s got very little to do with making money.

On the subject, he said, “I’m advocating for CBD to be acceptable for all players for recovery.  You can just call me Mr. Recovery. You know you like that name. Mr. Recovery, baby.”  Of course the crowd chuckled at his trademark demeanor, but the subject matter that Mr. Recovery was speaking about was incredibly important, and vital for all the leagues to hear.

Anyone that’s had the pleasure of watching this beast dominate the tight end position for nine years knows just how aggressive and unstoppable “Gronk” is.  However, despite his larger-than-life stature and impenetrable strength, he suffered a laundry list of injuries throughout his career.  And, after a while, those numerous injuries took a toll on the massive man in New England.  Needless to say, it affected his life in a very negative way – and it’s the main reason he had to hang up the spikes and retire from the NFL.

During that same press conference, Gronkowski got a bit teary eyed when he started to elaborate on his personal experience with CBD, and how it helped him when he needed it most.  Specifically, he stated, “I needed to recover.  I was not in a good place. Football was bringing me down, and I didn’t like it.”

He continued on, adding, “During that time, I had countless injuries and nine surgeries, which took an absolute beating on my body and my soul.  I was hurt both mentally and physically, day in and day out. I decided to walk away from the game for one main reason: I had to recover.”

That’s precisely when he started using CBDs to help his body and mind get back to where they needed to be.  And not only did they work – they worked damn near instantly.  Speaking on that very matter, Gronkowski said, “I am pain free, and that’s a big deal.”  He even went as far as stating that he was, “blown away with how well it worked.”

Of course, given that this dude is still a young, athletic specimen, the question of his possible return to the league eventually came up during this well-attended CBD press conference.  When broached with the inquiry of a potential return to the gridiron, “Gronk” was very sly with his response. 

He said, “Physically, I can do it. Mentally, desire-wise, I can’t.”  He followed that with a few subtle hints that that door to make a comeback isn’t exactly closed all the way just yet.  Adding that if he can get to a good place, mentally and physically, maybe he’ll grab his helmet and pads again – but there’s no definitive answer just yet as to whether or not we’ll ever see him catch another pass again.

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But, to be completely honest, I suggest “Gronk” just kick back, enjoy retirement, and let those CBDs nurse his body back to health.  There’s really no comparison for the level of punishment these players go through, and the fact that they are forbidden to use a calming, all-natural supplement to assist them in the healing process is outrageous. 

League officials are more apt to hand out opioids and other addictive prescription medications to their players, but they refuse to let them use harmless CBD products to get them back in shape?  I’m sorry, but that level of hypocrisy is almost too much to bare. 

There’s absolutely nothing but positives with CBD and cannabis products, and every single league, not just the NFL, should remove their ban and allow their players to get the comfort and relief they so justly deserve.  Anything less would simply be uncivilized. 

And with ex-players like Gronkowski serving as an advocate for such a cause, hopefully there will be some action taken – but, I suppose, we’ll just have to wait and see.  Until then, I’m just going to keep an eye out for these “Gronk” approved CBD products – I’m sure they’re going to be just as awesome as he is.

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