GG5 Flower

Strain: GG5 Flower

Producer: Bond Road

Contributor: Akil The Real Deal



Yellow-green hues cover the calyx that appears fuzzy due to the decent dusting of kief. 80%
My nose is glued to the bag of GG#5 when I get a whiff of its herbal scent 60%
Similar to GG #5’s aroma, the first hit of the flower from my bowl treats my tongue to bittersweetness. 80%
Bond Road’s GG #5 flowers puts me in the mood to chill. 80%

THC: 21.3%
Terpene Profile
Myrcene:  4.81 mg/g
𝛃-Caryophyllene: 8.51 mg/g
Pinene:  6.32 mg/g

GG #5, also known as New Glue, is a cannabis hybrid flower produced from two other strains from the Glue lineage. Just as 1 + 4 = 5, GG#1 crossed with GG#4 creates GG#5. Most cannabis connoisseurs report considerably more potent relaxing effects in GG5 compared to its predecessors.

Appearance  4/5
The four fluffy reddish-green nuggets of GG #5 are visible through the transparent posterior of the Bond Road branded resealable pouch. Yellow-green hues cover the calyx that appears fuzzy due to the decent dusting of kief. On the other hand, the long curled sugar leaves are a darker shade of green that resembles Italian Frantoio olive skin. The pistils fit neatly between palm leaves of the bud and mimic the same brown of pear stems.

Aroma  3/5
My nose is glued to the bag of GG#5 when I get a whiff of its herbal scent. Once the Bond Road bag is open I can begin to smell the sweet and woody tones from the 8.51 mg/g of 𝛃-caryophyllene. In the same way, GG #5 exudes a natural saccharine flavor reminiscent of berries and mangos. I believe the concentration of myrcene is the reason for the fresh tropical fruit tones that blend with the earthy fumes. When I removed the flower from the packaging I finally can sense the sharpness of pinene.

Taste  4/5
Similar to GG #5’s aroma, the first hit of the flower from my bowl treats my tongue to bittersweetness. Initially, I taste woody and earthy flavors as the hybrid vapors are inhaled through my glass bowl. When I smoke GG#5 ground flowers via a RAW cone, the myrcene becomes more pronounced. The weed’s flavor plays the same melody as musk and mangoes on my taste buds. Pinene, in the same way, gives the smoke a hint of sharp pine.

Effect  4/5
Bond Road’s GG #5 flowers put me in the mood to chill. Normally, I consider myself to be a motivated and energetic person. But this hybrid flower gives me the desire to listen to “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars. A wave of euphoria hits me and I lose my grip on reality. Nothing is more important than getting comfortable and quenching my thirst. GG #5 hits me more like an Indica-dominant strain more than an even balanced Hybrid.

Product price: 1g for $13.00

I recommend GG #5 produced by Bond Road for the evening and late-night smoke sessions. There is a nice relief of stress and anxiety as a result of this product’s hybrid high. In the end, the physical effects of this strain are most memorable because of the slumber they induced. This product is great for insomnia, pain, anxiety, stress, and lack of appetite.

GG #5 produced by Bond Road delivers some forceful soothing effects. I think I will continue to smoke this strain for meditation and relaxation after I’m done working or exercising. Hytiva was an efficient way to order delivery from MMJ. Still, I’m looking forward to visiting the location post coronavirus!

Address: 4660 S. Decatur Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89103
Phone number: (702) 565-9333
Hours: 10 AM - 6 PM

I’m psyched to sample the GG#5 Hybrid flower produced by Bond Road I recently purchased. I’ve achieved on GG#1 and even GG#4 but I was oblivious of GG#5 until I discovered MMJ America. My first exposure to the local Las Vegas craft cannabis boutique Bond Road was on the MMJ America dispensary menu. I was able to acquire a variety of strains and prerolls from the dispensary even though I have never stepped foot into the business. Since cannabis marketplaces are considered an essential business, ganja goods are being shipped to patients and users during the spread of COVID-19. Even if the coronavirus did not cause a pandemic and quarantine I could still receive a dank delivery from MMJ thanks to its partnership with

I already have a Hytiva account from my recent purchases with the several other dispensaries partnered with the site’s THC transportation. I continue to utilize the Hytiva website because of its $0.00 delivery fee. In addition, Hytiva provides same-day delivery from MMJ America as long as the order is confirmed before 6 PM. Other Las Vegas dispensaries that ship products to residences require a minimum order subtotal of $100. On the other hand, MMJ America delivered via Hytiva order only requires a $75.00 pre-tax total to qualify for a courier. I placed my order at 4:20 PM and it arrived two hours later! The driver was professional and called me upon arrival. Before I could pay in cash for my cannabis coronavirus package the transporter verified my driver’s license.

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