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Grandpa’s Breath

Strain: Grandpa's Breath by Shango

Producer: Shango

Contributor: Asia Mayfield

Grandpa Breath Shango
Grandpa Breath Packaging
Grandpa Breath by Shango and Packaging
Grandpa Breath by Shango


Frosty with sparkling, twinkling trichomes 80%
Smells like weed 60%
Like spicy diesel 60%
Very strong 60%
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Grandpa’s Breath by Shango was a disappointment. The buds would have been considered low-quality if I was in the backwoods with no establishment. Grandpa’s Breath buds are even more noxious here at Shango.

Appearance 4/5
Grandpa’s Breath’s appearance is the best thing it has going for it. The buds are frosty with sparkling, twinkling trichomes. Even the brownish pistils on the laced into the flower look glossy. The buds are huge yet dense. They fought against my grinder as I was trying to pulverize them.

Aroma 3/5
Grandpa’s Breath smells like weed. That’s the best thing I can say about it. The sharp, spicy smell would be more intriguing if it were stronger or more complex. As it is, it smells like weed that’s been left out to dry for too long. Yet, the harvest date reported by Kiff shows that the buds were picked within the last few months.

Taste 3/5
Grandpa’s Breath tastes like spicy diesel. There are almost no discernable sweet notes. Users who haven’t smoked a lot of bud, might find the taste a little harsh. I could barely hold the smoke in my lungs and I’m a daily smoker.


Effect 3/5
The effect of this strain isn’t very strong. Yet, it doesn’t have enough THC content for me to complain about that. No one who picks up Grandpa’s Breath at 19% THC expects to have their toes curl the next time they smoke.

Grandpa’s Breath isn’t a hard-hitting strain. Users must smoke a few bowls in a row if they want to be sky high. That makes the strain ideal for people who are searching for chronic physical pain relief. Grandpa’s Breath probably won’t do much to soothe acute damage. However, a daily regimen focusing on chronic stress could be helpful. Medical patients interested in regular relief need to find a strain that fits into their lifestyle.

Grandpa’s Breath by Shango is a sleepy little strain that is easy to forget about. It’s not making waves. The high produced is mundane. People who’ve never smoked before might wonder what all the fuss is about if their first exposure to weed is through Grandpa’s Breath, or, this could be just the strain they need for an introduction.

Shango is a great location to purchase top tier strains and to learn more about the various product options available to cannabis smokers in the area. Don’t let Grandpa’s Breath be your deciding factor on this dispensary, or, you could miss out on some fabulous strains.

4380 Boulder Hwy,
Las Vegas, NV 89121
Phone number: (702) 444-4824
7 a.m. - 12 a.m. Monday through Thursday
12 a.m. - 12 a.m. Friday through Saturday

Shango has one of the best grow houses in town. Almost every strain that it grows is top tier weed. Grandpa’s Breath isn’t their best effort. Still, there’s a lot to like about Shango. The budtenders know their business. They have their routine down pat. It’s been months since I’ve had to wait in Shango’s lobby.

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The lobby itself is almost entirely devoid of character. The walls are blank white. There are a handful of cheap chairs. Their sole attempt at decorating the lobby was to add a motorcycle that you can’t touch. Nothing about Shango’s lobby fits my idea of a stoner shop. I wouldn’t smoke there if I could do it legally. There’s nothing, but dull walls and security guards everywhere I look.

The inside of the main dispensary is roomier. The glass display cases are set into a semi-circle. Your budtender guides you along as you look at what’s for sale. Its bustling grow operation ensures Shango’s menu is filled with great products. Trying to pick the right strain is a daunting task. Point your finger at a random name on the list and chances are high that you’ll end up with something good.

Shango’s budtenders are never pushy. I spent a long-time running strain names in my head before settling on Grandpa’s Breath.

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