Hardcore Og

Strain: Hardcore Og

Producer: Nevada Medical Group- Bam Cultivation

Contributor: Jeremy Johnson

Nevada Medical Group- Bam Cultivation Hardcore Og Review November 2019 The Dispensary
Nevada Medical Group- Bam Cultivation Hardcore Og Review November 2019 The Dispensary
Nevada Medical Group- Bam Cultivation Hardcore Og Review November 2019 The Dispensary


Beautiful shade of green, with the orange 60%
Honey-like scent 60%
Coffee sweetened with honey 90%
Very relaxing 90%
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Hardcore Og

Appearance 3/5
The ground-up guts of the preroll have an unusual color of yellow and green. The pile of weed still looks impressive, even though it has already been loaded and emptied out of the paper. The little orange peppered throughout the shake is picturesque. It’s a beautiful shade of green, with the orange hairs that contrast nicely.

Aroma 3/5
Hardcore Og is a very sweet tasting OG strain. It has a pungent, earthy scent that is sweet at first but gets spicier the longer I smell it. It has a very honey-like scent. I think the best way to describe the scent would be to say it smells like coffee, fresh soil, and honey all mixed together.

Taste 4/5
The flavor of Hardcore OG is just like the scent, it has undertones of coffee that was sweetened with honey. The soil-like flavor on the exhale is smooth and not overpowering. The smoke is thick and heavy, but it is very easy on the throat. It doesn’t burn my throat at all, and it's easy to hold in for a long time.

Effect 4/5
The high from Hardcore Og is very sedating. I feel very relaxed, and my pain levels drop from a seven to a two. My back pain completely disappeared in approximately 30-minutes after consuming the Hardcore OG. This is a strain that I would only use in the evening because it does make me very sleepy.

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I would recommend the Hardcore Og to cannabis consumers that are looking for a heavier hybrid. This is a strain that should be used mostly in the evening or when you have nothing to do. I would not suggest using Hardcore OG during times when you need to be able to function properly and think clearly. Hardcore OG is a great strain for users that have trouble getting to sleep. I fell asleep shortly after consuming the preroll, and I slept through the entire night without waking up, which is highly unusual for me.

The one gram Hardcore OG preroll is a great value at $12. The strain itself has a great flavor, and the effects of smoking it are very strong. If you are a new cannabis user, I would suggest you try this once you have more experience with cannabis. For experienced users, tread lightly. This is about as Hardcore and OG you can get.

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The Dispensary

The Dispensary has become one of the top cannabis shops in the Las Vegas area. Once in the front door, there are four windows. The staff will check you in as quickly as humanly possible. Once inside the showroom, there are two lines. One is for recreational customers, and the second one is for medical patients. Once you are called up by a budtender, they will ask you what products you would like to see. I usually ask for the $89 half-ounces or $49 quarter-ounces. The Dispensary always has great specials, and the budtenders will do everything in their power to make sure you get what you’re looking for. They will help you get some free gifts as well. The Dispensary has become my go-to spot because of the deals and the service. I have never been treated this good at a cannabis shop. Usually, they just want your money, and they try to get you out the door as soon as possible. That is not the case at The Dispensary.

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