High Five Duo: The Newest Rig on The Market

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Contributor: Ace Testaker

One of the fastest-growing platforms in the vaporizer industry is the eRig platform, with new models consistently coming out that the local eRig landscape is constantly changing. The High five duo vape rig is one of the latest (and probably the best) eRigs on the market and one that can potentially change the industry for the good. Here’s why.

It’s the Closest We Can Get to a Portable Dab Rig

A lot of today’s eRig might have been geared for simplicity and convenience but they sort of fall short when it comes to vapor production comparable to actual dab rigs. The High Five Duo eRig might be battery operated but it’s outfitted with a long-lasting, industry-leading battery pack that can do more than just give you lasting sessions in between charges. Not only is the battery long-lasting but it’s also capable of putting out higher power which basically means batter vapor production in terms of flavor, potency, and overall vapor density giving you the closest result comparable to that of an actual dab rig. And while this eRig does rely on a rechargeable battery for power, it’s outfitted with pass-through charging technology allowing you to use it whilst plugged on a wall outlet. This allows you to wield the power from your wall outlet giving the High Five Duo unlimited supply of power for longer and more substantial vapor production.

While many companies claim that theirs offers the true dab rig-like performance, those who have experienced using the High Five Duo will say otherwise. For the purists that have grown to love the vapor quality they get from traditional dab rigs, the High Five Duo eRig offers the same vapor quality without the hazards of using a blowtorch. Which brings us to the next reason why we think it’s the best eRig to date…

High Five Duo

Safe Sessions

There’s a reason why many consumers have switched to using eRigs and vaporizers despite the lung-ripping and face-melting vapor production you get from conventional rigs. Using blowtorches can be a potential fire hazard and many recreational consumers as well as medicating patients swear that at some point, they had burned their fingers or scorched a shirt of two while using a blowtorch half baked. How vaporizers eliminated the need for these safety hazards has changed the way we consume our favorite herbs and extracts for the better.

The High Five Duo eRig is outfitted with a unique stainless-steel atomizer for a torch-less dabbing experience. Not only does the High Five Duo’s atomizer let you consume your select materials without the need of a lighter but the actual atomizer was made with durability and longevity in mind. It’s fashioned out of high-quality stainless-steel making it resistant to corrosion. The way it was built also makes it more reliable because instead of using a coiled atomizer, the folks at High Five Vaporizers designed and developed an atomizer with a flat surface eliminating issues caused by weak coiled systems. This makes the latest eRig from High Five Vaporizers safe and reliable. The brand brought years of eNail manufacturing experience into making the best eRig we’ve seen so far. And while we’re in the topic of reliability, let’s talk about how dependable this eRig is.

An eRig You Can Trust

The High Five Duo is an eRig that’s made of high-quality materials from the ground up making it a hard-wearing system you can use for your select weed and wax concentrates. If you’re tired of eRigs that bring along a slew of issues like heating elements that wear out faster than it can get you lifted, glass attachments that chip out and break, and let’s not forget those that make your vapor taste and smell like plastic or metal, then you’ll be happy you came across the High Five Duo. It’s a carefully thought of device from what specific material is to be used for which component, to the way the vapor travels from the heating element to the mouthpiece. It’s a device that has no plans of making the same mistake eRigs before it committed.

To preserve the longevity of its internal components including the motherboard, the chipset, and the electrical wires, the High Five Duo pulls the vapor away from the internal components. This ensures that these components will not be exposed to moisture nor will it have the tendency to develop resinous buildup causing them to weaken and eventually fail. The same way, the air path of the High Five Duo is made from medical-grade stainless-steel providing the vapors a safe avenue to pass through before you inhale it. The glass attachment is also made from lab-grade borosilicate glass that helps faithfully preserve the quality of your vapors.

That said, you can trust the High Five Duo to give you superior quality vapor production whether you’re using it for medication or for recreation. It’s also a device that can easily outlast and outperform the average eRig.

Dual Purpose eRig

The High Five Duo eRig is also a dual-purpose vaporizer, one that can cater to both botanical plant matter and wax concentrates making it a practical choice for consumers that want to enjoy the best of both worlds. Whether you’re into the natural flavors offered by your buds and your flowers or the potent effects you can find with wax concentrates, the High Five Duo eRig can definitely give you a viable means of consuming whatever material you feel like consuming. It’s like getting two eRigs for the price of one. You’ll have a rig to take out that can accommodate friends that favor dry herb strains or potent wax concentrates.

The folks at High Five Vaporizers know that wax and herbs react differently to heat. That’s why they made this eRig with an intelligent microprocessor that can deliver accurate temperature profiles allowing you to give both botanicals and extracts the temperature profile they deserve. By giving your materials the ideal environment for vaporization, you get optimum results and reap the benefits your select materials would have to offer.

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