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Juicy Fruit

Strain: Juicy Fruit

Producer: Golden Private Stash

Contributor: Huntress Bry

Golden Private Stash Juicy Fruit Review November 2019 Blackjack Collective Dispensary
Golden Private Stash Juicy Fruit Review November 2019 Blackjack Collective Dispensary
Golden Private Stash Juicy Fruit Review November 2019 Blackjack Collective Dispensary


Eye-catching 90%
Gentle scent 100%
Rich flavors of plum, berries and grapes 100%
Surprisingly wonderful 100%


Ad description 0%
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Juicy Fruit

Juicy Fruit is a curious one that I wouldn't have taken for a hybrid. It's mixed with a Thai sativa and Afghan indica. The limonene tests at 1.79mg/g, a-pinene at 1.24mg/g, b-myrcene at 0.93mg/g, with less than percent of 0.1% of CBD. The THC content is a whooping 81.49%. It's a good hybrid, strong, and one to look twice at.

Appearance 4/5
It starts with an eye-catching box package, thoroughly sealed, that has an appeal that got to my shiny jollies. Royal blue with golden holographic words, it looks like a golden stash. Displaying the vape with a clear plastic, it does its job by offering clear instructions while allowing me to feel like I'm buying a quality top-shelf product. Enjoyment at its finest with no buyer's remorse from the packaging. Could have some more eye-catching pops, overall it's well done though.

Aroma 5/5
Outside the sealed package, there is none; for the unexpected victim, it seems normal. Then when you bring it out, it starts to satisfy them by a gentle scent that catches anyone's attention. That exhale has a beautiful smell as well all around. Better than expected and even received compliments on the smell of the exhale from friends. It's not overpowering while still tickling the nostrils. Definitely a favorite.

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Taste 5/5
Such a delightful experience! It has a taste that is seriously close to the actual bubblegum, and the inhale matches the exhale in the mouth. The fragrance is parallel with rich flavors of plum, berries, and even some grapes. Mixed with earthy tones made it once again an absolute delight and had me reluctant to see the oil go down. With that said, it really felt like I was eating the gum and was able to feel refreshed as well as clear in the head.

Effect 5/5
It has a surprisingly wonderful, uplifting head buzz that gets you almost a little dizzy with a head rush. With the amazing unlimited creativity just pouring out of you, allowing you to be in the zone enjoying company, this strain is one that I will check out again. Creating and working out on this was very fun and rewarding. Very well done.

I would let someone know about this product via word of mouth. I would definitely say the strain is better for a more seasoned smoker because, yet again, it's pretty intense at first. Anyone with pain would surely benefit, it being a hybrid of two pretty amazing strains with myrcene pain-relieving properties.

Overall, this was a product I thoroughly enjoyed, from the pain-relieving properties to the astounding taste going all the way to the aroma breathing out. With that being said, the effect is amazing. So, next time, have em take you to the "private stash" golden that is.
Till next time take a hit for me! XOXO Huntress

1736 S. Las Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone number: 702-727-3187
Hours: Mon-Sun 9am-3am 

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Blackjack Collective Dispensary

Blackjack Collective is located on the strip literally in view of the Stratosphere in the back. It's a fairly good size building, can't miss it thankfully. Going in through the door on the right, you are met with brand promotions for a product and a check-in desk. Going through, I'm met with wonderful imagery that captivates the eyes and senses. With their very clean and courteous budtenders, I felt right at home. They take me back into the main dispensary and talk about their great deals, like the $60 ounce. Cartridges are usually on sale as well. Locals get a 15% discount, and on Sunday, you earn double points. Late-night owls? Even better, between 11pm -3am, you can find even more deals on pre-rolls. Anthony Jackson, who has been an employee there for 4 years now and who loves everything about this company and the products, proudly says they really do strive to be the best dispensary out there, even creating one of the first refund and return policy out in the open. With little surprises like a penny pre-roll for the qualifying purchases, it is a user-friendly place. Days of the week have their own deals. With various products and diverse options for all, Blackjack Collective is a place to truly take a gander at.

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